$10 Gaming Mouse!


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  1. i like how they test out the mouse on desktop "FEELS SMOOTH" goes in csgo and i see going in settings changing sens up to like 3 because these 15-20eur "gaming" mouses dont run shit…

  2. I couldn't decide which mouse to buy so I bought both about half a year ago. I prefer the RedDragon mouse (The 1st mouse) because the 2nd mouse scroll button is spoiled even though I use the RedDragon more (I scroll about the same on both mouse) aside that, the RedDragon have 18 months warranty but the 2nd mouse have no warranty (idk if country differ) & the RedDragon have adjustable weight

  3. I've used that second mouse for a year and a half now, happy with it. Bought it without looking at any reviews at all. I recommend this second mouse if u are on a tight budget

  4. Pro tip: Increase volume when youre talking… decrease volume when the music plays… Just to listen to you i had to increase my volume and then suddenly that loud music came in xD xD xD…. Thnx for the comparison/review mate…. ^_^

  5. I'm really new to pic gaming and don't want to blow a ton of money on my set up but I still want it make it look good, this is exactly what I was looking for. This plus the 18$ keyboard will let me spend a bit more on my monitor, thanks again