10 tips for web design in Photoshop


Creare’s James and Nick share 10 great tips for designing websites in Photoshop. Regardless of how experienced you are, we’re hoping you might pick up a tip or two! Check out the supporting…



  1. How do you guys create redlines? I am trying to figure out the best way to create the redline pdf file that contains the exact pixel measurements for the developer to use when developing. I have not found a quick and easy way to create the redline pdf file. I would expect something like the Acrobat measure tool that would snap to layers and allow one to create many printed measurements for all necessary dimensions on the designed web page. Thanks!

  2. Really informative tutorial. The tips are easy to understand and the concept is easy to grasp. I guess that's how freelance companies such as Pixel Dream Studios design good websites. I hope to watch more interesting tips from you guys.

  3. @crearegroup Oh well. lol. 20 part video.. But. Okay I get it haha. But still.. I can be designing the greatest website in Photoshop but I still don't know how to make a website out of it xD It doesn't have to be a video. Maybe you know where I can try to find a tutorial?

  4. @supa3004 Hey guys, thanks for the comment! Hope the crazy weather you guys are having isn't affecting you too much. I'm waiting for my opportunity to come out and see how you guys are getting on out there! We'll have to get you all in on a video conference in one of our meetings! James.

  5. @sonnybrown haha! Thanks for the comments SonnyBrown, indeed, those little Ikea chairs are not the most comfortable thing to sit on! Good thing we're only sitting on them for a few minutes a week.

  6. A really nice follow-up of this video would be a video on how to code this in Dreamweaver. I've been thinking about designing in Photoshop because it's way way easier. But my only problem is.. How can I code this into dreamweaver? With links and other things.

  7. I love the tutorials and tips you guys put up, but just watching your posture makes my back hurt. Trust me on this, you will have back problems sitting like that. I don't want to sound like your mum, but have to have an arch in your lowerback, or the your sacrum to your lumbar disks will start to decay and you will have pinched nerves the rest of your life. It's not fun.

    But DEFINITELY keep up the good tuts guys!!