$1,000 Gaming PC BUILD GUIDE!


Thanks to bequiet! for sponsoring this build! be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window – https://goo.gl/VeQPmL be quiet! Dark Rock 3 – https://goo.gl/Ne2g9g quiet! Pure Power L10 CM- https://goo.gl/8Qvg2G…



  1. Seriously!!!
    $1000- Double the amount of what anyone would consider as a budget.
    1/10th of the price is on the case. I used a $50 case for my $1500 Pc Build
    No 7.1 surround
    No Oveclocking.
    Seriously!! a 500w non modualr PSU would be more than enough.
    You wasted about 1/4 of the money on the case and stuff like that whch donot affect perormance.
    Gtx 1060 6gb is almost the same cost and is 15% faster except HItman.
    8Gb VRAM is overkill for 1000$
    Come on..

  2. i was trying fix an old pc and i cleared all the dust out of the cpu fans aswell and video card area but before that it put on startup my screen in sleep mode i tried 3 diffrent screens in ages can u help me out i tried google..

  3. Linus, Linus, Linus… you've been building PCs since before I could reasonably consider myself a gamer. Why oh why would you apply thermal compound BEFORE installing the back plate?