100Hz, FreeSync & 34″ = $599. Finally, a TRUE “Budget” Gaming Monitor?


Finding an affordable large format gaming monitor isn’t easy but the Pixio PX347c Prime seems to offer exactly that. It has a 34″ Samsung PVA with a 3440×1440 resolution, a 100Hz refresh and…



  1. I'd buy it, sadly it's not available here in Brazil yet! It's not a well spread brand yet!
    Currently using LG 29" Ultrawide, feels nice, even using DSR 1440p, but that native 1440p 100Hz would be neat!

  2. Im still hoping more 29" 21:9 1080p monitors start showing up, that resolution is much easier to run and the 29" ultrawide screens with 1080p has the same pixel density as a 24" 16:9

  3. omg is this stupid free sync is garbage the range is too small after taxes and shipping is around 800.00 and the quality of the monitor is sub par save your money and buy gsync.

  4. Heyyy this monitor just showed you why no one is making a 1440p gaming ultrawide with high refresh rate. Because no card can hit those high rates at that res unless its just csgo.

  5. hey +HardwareCanucks

    pixio px347c vs viotek gn34c i can't decide.
    Both could be shipping a crappy unit. While you may be in the US and able to quickly pick up another one, i on the other hand, am shipping it to Qatar so getting it wrong will be much of a hassle. Please advise!