144Hz Gaming Monitors: Are They Worth It?


I’ve been using a 144Hz monitor for a while now, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on why I definitely think it is worth it to get a high refresh rate monitor as …



  1. Turn off the blur effect in the settings lol , just use v sink also for screen tearing it works well with 60 hz , I still rek people at 60 fps . If your computer is to slow well you wont get even 60 fps in most games these days at most medium settings

  2. Not a single word is said about how to get high refresh rate while playing, and that is the graphic card.
    Without a powerfull video card, depending on the game title, fast refresh rates can't be achieved.
    If I missed that crucial part then please let me know.

  3. my brain on 34 hz is accurate enough to see ur nose curve…but tell me if i get more brain hz using amfetamins can i see same or ur nose curve will be more visible with some frames more??

  4. more frames??? frames and hz are dif categories…ur logic is that some intel procesor with working frequency of 3,0 ghz is slower than some amd on 4,0 ghz…lol i can tell u that some intels are 5 times more faster at 3 ghz than amd on 4,0 ghz…so tard working frequency must be learned at first

  5. since im a cheap person, i wanna get just one 144hz monitor and keep my 60 hz i already have. the question is… if I game on ONLY the 144hz monitor, can I still run the 60 hz monitor. and im only gmaing on the 144hz one. the 60 hz one would be doing something else like playing a youtube video or something like that.

  6. I own one of those acer predator IPS GSYNC 1440p 144hz (oc 165hz) monitor and 1080ti. Honestly speaking the highest fps I got is 120 from far cry primal and I don't see much difference between 60hz and 144hz. Yes, 1440p monitor does make the picture look sharper but that's about it. Plus, the cost is lot more.

  7. So what happens if you have a Nvidia GTX 1060 card and use it on a Freesync monitor? I'm having troubles finding a cheap 144hz gsync monitor… The cheapest one I can find is effing 450 euro's. My max. budget is 350.

  8. I have bought a 144 Hz a few days ago. After one hour of use, I switched to 60 Hz for fun. Everything looked so laggy, even the mouse cursor. On 144 Hz, you can even read text cristal clear while scrolling. All motions are so incredibly smooth. I would never ever get something below 144 Hz again.

  9. Thanks for the review, I play on a Asus 60hz monitor with 1ms. I had no idea it would lag even if it's 1ms because of being 60hz. If everything goes well, going to pick up a 144hz monitor this month.