$200 Gaming PC vs PS4! (2016)


What’s up guys!?! This is just meant to be an objective comparison between my $200 Gaming PC and the PS4! PS4 purchase link: http://amzn.to/2hf03sI PS4 …



  1. I feel like comparing the pc and the PS4 this way is wrong… u r using SECOND HAND components for ur pc… and obviously that’s not new… while a brand new PS4 is equal to the price of a second hand PC… and remember, there are 2nd hand (used) PS4’s

  2. wow so much weird people in the comments throwing condoms at each other, about how the
    gtx1060 was good and how the ps4 outperformed pcs, really people, its just platforms, well guess what, i use all platforms and all of them suck, smartphones, gaming consoles, operating systems, and pcs, and all of them is good…..now bye.

  3. Yeah I'm really gonna sell my PS4. I don't think it's worth paying for PS plus constantly just to be able to temporarily play online. We already spent $400+ getting the system and buying games alone. When I didn't have PS plus I spent a huge amount of time playing the FREE online games like Smite and Warframe. After I found out I could play these games on PC? I saw there was no point in keeping my PS4. I don't even play on it that much.

    Honestly, when I first got it I only played on it the first few days, and didn't touch it for months after that. I was on and off with it. I was way more into my Laptop. When I did play on the PS4 it was fun for a short period. But I would get so boring after I beat all my games, and not being able to play online with friends. I found myself wanting to do more than just play games on it. I believe I can do way better if I just get a PC instead, and save a shit load of money long term.

    I could work on my digital art, make videos, animations, homework, play free games, etc… All for free or with just 1-time small payment. The PlayStation community did have some chill people I'll give them credit for that. Also they did make the free online games a good experience. But just too expensive to play games.

    I could build my own business, save a lot of money, and use PS plus money to buy assets. Then waste it on buying that PS plus I don't even fully use. Sometimes don't even use at all. Just not a good deal long term if you're not that into playing games. You're pretty much just throwing money away not being active, and I can't always play games I got other stuff I wanna do. We already gotta pay for the internet bill every month. When you're on PC you can just do more stuff easier, save more money and have fewer limitations. Will be the best choice I've made for sure…

  4. Building a PC takes effort and time. Also, most PC's are much larger than the PS4. But if you compare a PC that is of the same size as the PS4, and performs better, the PC will seem to overheat a lot.

  5. People forget a pc is a pc, not a different console, you can optimize a pc for gaming, but that doesnt mean you have a different console. A pc is a pc where u can also fucking edit, office, work and more dumb shits. Pc is a better deal, cuz you have a pc and can game on it very well.

  6. I personally like consoles better because I like relaxing in my couch and playing some racing games or sports games on my big screen tv, and I know there will be someone that replies and says "you can do that on a pc too"
    And i know you can do that on a pc but I just like the concept of how you simple consoles are.

    Yes I do own a pc, I play a lot on it and Yes i know pc's preform better than consoles. I really think that consoles are better not just with simple easy ways but also a cheaper price than having to pay 500$ just to build one and thats not even including a mouse, keyboard, chair and a headset.

  7. Don't worry. You don't have to claim PC is better than console. We all already know it is 😏

    It's funny seeing all these kids trash PC, from a PC 😂😂

  8. A) False equivocation. You cannot discount the price of a monitor by saying that you do not include the price of a TV with the PS4. Pretty much everybody has a TV to begin with, because pretty much everybody watches TV. This is NOT so with a monitor. Furthermore, you cannot simply hook up the PC to the TV, because, whilst a TV might be fine for games, it is not a replacement for a monitor for many of your PC requirements. In short – you need to add the cost of the monitor into the cost of your build.

    B) Second false equivocation. If you are pricing your components/built – used, then you would need to do exactly the same for the PS4. You either compare a new build to a new PS4, or you compare a second hand build to a second hand PS4. If you do that – you are screwed, because you then cannot make a build at the lower price point.

    C) There are FAR more exclusive games on the PS4 than what you list. More importantly the list of big triple A products on the console is significant.

    D) You do not include the price of a decent controller which is required to play certain triple A games.

    E) Your keyboard and mouse would be so cheap as to make for a truly horrific gaming experience. You need to add in the cost of a decent gaming keyboard and mouse – this along with the cost of a decent controller also drives up the cost of your build.

    F) You cannot say that one person managed to build a rig for a magically low number and have this accepted. To do so is nothing more than anecdotal. I could say that a friend sold me their PS4 for a dollar lol. What you need to do, for an entire build is be able to demonstrate, the likely cost for the entire build according to typical or likely prices.

    You haven't demonstrated that.


    This claim is meaningless.

  9. Ive played on both ps4 and pc (specs: g4560, 1050 ti, 8gb cheap ddr4, pulled 1tb hdd) and i can honestly say that… not really much difference (in terms of gaming, in terms of general usage obviously pc is light years better) its really the same experience but that 60 fps is great

  10. How to easily build / upgrade a pc
    If u already have a pc with an ok cpu slap on a 1050ti or 1050
    Or buy a pc with an alright cpu and slap on a 1050 or 1050 ti

  11. You console gamers also forgot that on PC we can…

    fucking play all the games that are ever made!

    ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, xbox whatever, snes, nes, saga saturn and name it!


    Checkmate on this one…

    P.S. = I don't believe someone can construct any counter-argument against me on this one.

  12. But wait. Wouldn't this be a bit more of a fair review if you reviewed a prebuilt pc and the PS4 since I mean the PS4 is prebuilt? If they sold PS4 cases and stuff then we could technically do the same thing as a pc. Idk like yea right now pcs are better mainly because you can choose to upgrade your specs which you can't really do with consoles. And the arguement of steam making a pc better is true for now….. because the success steam games are coming to console. Like battlegrounds, war of rights, subnautica

  13. GTA V is a very CPU intensive game, so it's no wonder the PS4 version is locked at 30. Sure it has 8 threads but only at 1.8 Ghz each, which is laptop tier. Surprising to see though what that GPU is capable of, since it's essentially a 7870 in there just like with your PC, only difference being it has a larger pool of fast memory available and of course better optimisation on console.

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