3 Gaming Monitor Reveals That Make You Rethink Gameplay – CES 2017


3 gaming monitors where revealed at CES 2017 that enhance gameplay in new and unique ways but is there really a need for it? Watch more about CES 2017 …



  1. I'm excited for the quantum dot. I don't really care about viewing angles as long as the colors look awesome head on. I don't play games while leaned to the side.

  2. the 240 hertz monitor could really make you dizzy because your eyes can't handle so many frames on a screen. It's like waving your hand in front of your eyes for hours.

  3. Hmm, I wanna know how a good monitor makes me rethink a gameplay of a shitty game. For instance, there is no monitor in the world that makes Skyrim a good game. There isnt one monitor that makes Fallout 4 a good game….

  4. How about we improve animations in games before we go crazy with upping the refresh rates. Also tons of people have trouble running things at 144 fps let alone 60 fps. The games will still look janky due to most games having horrid animation and physics. Only about 1% of gamer would be able to enjoy this at the fullest capacity. I'm not even sure there is a powerful enough graphic card and processor that would allow you to game at 4K at 240Hz.

  5. Do we really need that much? It's too much… 😛 I think having a Normal 1080P monitor with a GTX980 or R9 390X with 16 gigs of RAM paired with a 5/6th gen i5 is way more than enough for upcoming years for almost each and every titles with High/Ultra setting.