A Gaming Mouse that Vibrates?!?! – SteelSeries Rival 700


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    There is a few issues with the Rival 700 I own.
    1. The button on the back requires a lot of strength to unplug, not sure if mine got broken in shipping but it is impossible to unplug this mouse without having a sore thumb for the rest of the day
    2. The left click button randomly decides to double click even if I only click once, I've been looking everywheres for a fix for this and if anyone has found a solutation, please let me know.
    3. I haven't had this personally (except for the first one very rarely) but I've heard left click, right click, and the mouse wheel sometimes don't respond.

    Overall this is still a really good mouse, but you'll need to know a thing or two about how to fix the issues I mentioned.
    (Or maybe you got lucky and have absolutely none of the issues I mentioned, i dunno)

  2. Well, sadly after 1 year of usage the screen and the rumbling of the mouse is just a gimmick. So if you do care buy it. But if you are for the budget buy the 300 and 310 its much better for the price

    The games are working on the mouse are CS:GO and DOTA 2, Minecraft that's it

  3. I’d love to get this mouse it’s been really weird switching from console and not feeling what I’m doing ie controller rumble or the feeling and sound of moving the stick and it hitting the edge

  4. you still need to look at the kill feed so u know who u have killed , because if u kill a guy in mid u look at the name u know he normally blahs b so u can guess that there might be only one b. ect