Asus MG279Q 27″ 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor Review — Still Worth It In 2017?


This monitor completely ruined my future gaming experience, but in a good way! This is probably my favorite piece of tech that I own right now, and I’ll tell you why! ——————————…



  1. Why don't you need any adaptive sync on higher framerates? The image looks so much cleaner with freesync/gsync on at 144fps or even higher. The difference is quite staggering actually. Especially if they're 'unstable' high framerates.

  2. So I wanted to upgrade to a 1440p and got the Dell S2417DG. I had a 144hz 1080p monitor already and the good price, high hz, and high resolution appealed to me. Oh my god are the colors on this thing TERRIBLE. Absolutely unacceptable color banding issues for a monitor retailing $500. After 3 replacements with the same issue, I'm returning it. The fact this monitor is 144hz and IPS really appealed to me. How are the colors? I've only ever used TN panels, will it blow me away? I mainly want to make sure there's no color issues.

  3. Hi, looking for a 3440 x 1440 AMD IPS monitor at least 8 bit color, no frc, DC back-lighting, no pwm, … that matters first, a must have., second would like split screen or able to plug in two pc's into the monitor, not necessary,. …third would like highest refresh rate "freesync" prefer 144hz …
    What Monitor(s) would you suggest for me, ..???
    Will consider 2160 x 1440…I don't do gaming but high refresh rate would be a good resale point to a gamer, I have a Quadro K-1200 workstation graphics card…please help.!

  4. 2k 144hz >4k 60 I had to send my 4k monitor back and they couldn't fix it so I got a refund. And bought a 2k 144hz monitor with no regrets. 4k was pretty hard to run in some games even with a 1080ti so a 2k monitor will server me better over time as 2k 60 won't be the end of the world but falling below 60 is not for me. Got my Acer 27inch 165hz oc mode gsync monitor it is a TN mode but stacking deals I got it for 386$

  5. This is one of the monitors I considered in my own research but the Amazon reviews scared me off it. 4.5 stars, sure, but the top comments are 1 star reviews of horror stories, complete with pictures.

  6. is there any difference between 100hz and 144hz? i wanna buy an ultrawide, currently holding up and waiting for the 200hz ones hitting maybe soon but my patience runs dry and thinking of buying the 348q asus, at 100. would there be any difference in terms of fps visibile to the human eye? i ve been playing bf1 mostly and that runs very good at 60-80 but it can go up to 120 sometimes…i think that 100hz is more than enough for any game to run smooth. i don t see the big fuss for going more than that. but maybe there is, i never tried it. i would give it a chance tho'. what do you guys think? i'm talking about strictly fps now. i would pay a couple hundred bucks more for that HDR, quantum dot if it makes a significant difference in visuals. i'm only buying a monitor once every 5 years so fuck it, YOLO.

  7. Ok so I want a new monitor I have a stone old BenQ G2410HD on 60 hz 1080p and now have a new rig with 7700k and 1080 ti sea hawk, I play R6 Siege, pubg, Killing Floor 2, cs:go, rocket league, DOOM, GTA V, Forza hz3, basicly a lot of fps, racing and 3d adventure games and you seemed genuinly happy about this monitor, would u still recommend this screen and is the colors good? Thanks

  8. Does this monitor support 3d nvidia vision(sterescopic gameplay-asus GTX 1070 DUAL)…1st and 2nd generation glasses?
    I can not deside which monitor I should buy…I found Asus 24" LED A-Sync MG248Q…but I think it will be too small 🙁