Asus’s 4K HDR gaming monitor will blow you away


PCWorld’s Gordon Mah Ung checks out a gaming monitor at CES 2017 with G-Sync at 144Hz. Click here to subscribe to …



  1. I just find it so strange that there is only 1 review on this monitor (Dell UP2718Q) and it comes from a UK site! And they are not professionals in the color grading business and do not know how to use this monitor and they refuse to mention in their articles that you NEED a Quadro card with 10-bit monitors. They just gloss over it with vague wording that you need professional equipment for 10-bit workflow.

  2. No it won't. Both asus and acer are scamming you with this monitor, and all the rest as well. There is no true 10-bit panel above 60Hz, and they do NOT use g-sync or freesync garbage. That ruins production and pros do not use it and they don't use those monitors. There is only 1 HDR10 certified monitor and it's the Dell UP2718Q. All others are scams. And you need a Quadro card to use it, so don't even bother buying.

  3. WHY 27in for the love of god give us at least 32in (or just give us the OLED's im sick of LCD/LED technology with its many inherent flaws, and they should of died many years ago)I am getting fed up with these company's milking us gamer's….!!!!!!!!!!