Best computer for web programming and web design.

111 The best computer for web programming. Stefan.



  1. Hi, i know This vdo is old but i need help on wich imac to get for game development in 2D and also later will want to do 3D animation. So here are the imac

    27" LED – Processeur Intel Core i5 quadricœur à 3.4 GHz – Memory 8192Mo – Stockage 1000Go – Cart Graphique NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2Go dédiés – Lecteur de cartes SD – WiFi 802.11 b/g/n – Bluetooth 4.0 – Mac OS X Mountain Lio
    iMac 27, A1312 (EMC 2237)  Processeur : Intel Core i7-860  Fréquence : 3,1 GHz  Mémoire Vive : 8 Go  Disque dur : 1 To  Ecran : 27"  Carte graphique : ATI Radeon HD 4850 – 512 Mo


  2. Hey Stef, I am a programmer and my computer is slow as hell, so I just want to know that what can I do to make it faster and Which processor and how much ram and also How much free space of hardware should I get?

  3. Hi this comment is for people asking about SSDs speed:
    SSD (Solid state drive) has to do with how fast your computer can access the files/data stores on your computer.SSD is not always the bottleneck. Once you have opened up your web browser, you're not accessing the SSD anymore. If your emails are on the web, you're not accessing the SSD.
    processor (i7, dual core, quad core) all those crazy sounding things is like the brain of the computer. How fast can it make use of the information it is dealing with. So if you're running applications like watching a video, editing pictures, or other 3D stuff – your processor is doing a lot of work. RAM (Memory) has to do with how many things you can open up at once. Get a lot of ram if you plan to multitask. 8 GB is good for most users for now.

  4. Thanks for the video. I am beginning to look for a lap top and I want to get the one that is right for my needs. I am going to Colorado Technical University for a BS in Information Technology and I want this purchase to be what I need for some time to come.

  5. Hi, Stefan. Good video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  These recommendations are good  for web development and web design. But  what  if i want to use laptop  for game development,  graphic design, and videos? Are these advises good for them too, or do i need to look for something else? You would  do me a huge favor if you give me your advice.  I d really like to know your opinion. Thank you.)))))))))))))

  6. im looking for a good laptop for school. what can u recommend in terms of specs (other than choosing SSD) for doing coding, web design and android projects? i dont prefer macs tho because im already familiar with windows. my budget is around $600-$700.