Best Gaming Laptops Late 2016 – Early 2017


Lisa Gade shows you some of the best gaming laptops on the market for late 2016 in several categories: – 17” full size gamer – price is no object gaming laptop …



  1. you need to speak clearer when stating the laptop name and also include the name at least in the description or in the actual video….makes life a lot easier for those who actually want to buy one of these.

  2. I have a amateur question, I'm new to this community. I understand with a Dell xps I can connect my Xbox live account with it because it uses windows. Would I be able to do the same with alienware? Connect my xbox live account and play Xbox games with it?

  3. Thanks for your awesome and honest reviews, definitely one of the best and most concise orator in the tech industry! I am struggling on picking a new laptop, and was hoping to get your professional input. I am an architect looking to upgrade since my current laptop is running out of juice and well… It's about that time.

    I'm deciding between the…

    1: XPS 15 (9560), biggest problem is the lack of 2 drives and no gtx 1060 but I love the build quality and screen (I know I can get a smaller battery and add a second drive but that hassle is slightly annoying) and I would have to do most of the upgrades myself.

    2: MSI gs63 (HIDEvolutions rebranded EVOC all black version), I have concerns regarding the build quality and battery life but I can get a 512gb pcie drive and a secondary 1tb sdd which is really nice along with any other specs I would need.

    3: Blade 14 w/ kabylake and 1tb sdd, biggest problem is heat, the lack of 32gb ram (which I would get with the other 2) and the price but it is very good looking.

    My #1 choice would probably be the MSI ws63 (Would be awesome for you to review this!) but It's really expensive like the the razer being almost $400 more than the dell and msi. I would mainly be using this PC for CAD and Adobe softwares with some light gaming. I ruled out the aurus/gigabyte due to build quality and/or heat, Alienware due to size and weight. I would like something under .75" and under 5.25 lbs with a screen size between 14-15". If you have any other suggestions feel free to send them my way, my ideal budget is around $2500 (which would include both a 512gb and 1tb ssd and 32gb of ram ideally). Thanks! Also, do you have any workstations reviewed that fit or come near these criteria that use the quadro cards on the new pascal structured gpus?

    Thanks, looking forward to your feedback!

  4. The only problem I have with the MSI G63VR Stealth Pro: "Who dafuq thought putting the power in on the right side is a good idea?!"

    I mean seriously don't they think of people using mouses anymore?

  5. And what about Lenovo Y910? Here in Europe i could get it for the same price as Alienware 17R4 but with the 64 gb of ram 1070 graphics and 6820 CPU. Any thoughts on this?

  6. I really cannot believe this video did not address the Aorus X7 DT v6 for the 17" models, it has a 120hz 1440p screen, a gtx 1080, and is only 0.82" thick while being very plain without the ugly gamer look. Also, for the 15" models, I cannot believe it didn't mention the Aorus X5 v6 or the gigabyte P35x v6/v7, both are thinner than every other gaming laptop will similar specs except the Razer, but are much cheaper…they're also way better looking than those ugly, ugly asus laptops.