Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro


The best gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. Review of the best gaming monitor / 4K monitor for PS4 Pro the 4K HDR gaming console. I will be posting a video when a …



  1. Is using my PS4 Pro on a 4k monitor as simply as plug and play, or do I need to get some extra cables for everything to work? If a monitor doesnt have speakers, but does have headphone jack output, can I plug speakers into that port, or does that port only work for headphones? Cheers.

    And I just realised the first question has been answered in your video ahahah

  2. Hey John! Can you please do a video on what would be the best 4K monitor for Xbox One X. If it's not now, maybe before it comes out so we have time to purchase. Please! Your videos are awesome!

  3. i have a question, i have the Samsung UH750 Series monitor and all i want is to get the best response time and lowest input lag with my ps4 pro. I don't own a graphics card but was wondering if freesync was still available with out it just by connecting my hdmi to my monitor? do you have a email i can reach you on

  4. You are right about the input lag. HDR TVs usually have 22-41ms latency. There is also the issue of standard. HDR10 seems to be the standard gaming monitors are going to go with. Then you have connections. for 4k @60Hz you have some options. But for 4k @ 144Hz with HDR there is virtually nothing. Then you have to have cabling to support it. DP 1.4 or HDMI 2.0a are hard to find. So, with the high end PC to the PS4 Pro, you are going to sacrifice something. Either latency, HDR or 4k. Nvidia 4k @ 144Hz with HDR10 and G-Sync certified are supposedly coming late 2017, but that is going to be pricey.

  5. Hello! Can I ask you a question? I am saving money for PS4 pro, but I would like to prefer 1080p resolution, I prefer more frames per second and I also wont have enough money to buy 4k monitor (I have part time job to save money). I would like to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn, The last Guardian, The Last of Us, Ratched and Clank, God of war, Bloodborne, ….. And also I would like to watch blu ray movies. So is TN monitor for me the best one? As I watched your video I am thinking about two monitors 24" ASUS MG248Q and 24" ASUS VG248QE. Which is better in your opinion please?