Budget Gaming Keyboard Roundup 2017 Razer vs Corsair vs Logitech vs Coolermaster


In this ultimate showdown of the top budget gaming keyboards we take a look at the positive and negatives of all four keyboards to help figure out which is the best choice. In this video we…



  1. k55 is crap….. speaking from experience…. software sucks….. durability sucks….. just looks and sounds nice …. the layout was nice but it didnt last and i dont do heavy gaming…..

  2. logitech g213 is great for the money i got one for (£40 sterling) thats ($53.40 US) from Currys/PC World, i can not get on with mechanical keyboards so this is perfect dont think this guy likes logitech not a fair review at all.

  3. People keep saying that to get mechanical keyboards, that prices are similar, yadda yadda. But honestly, plenty people from other countries can enjoy those as well.
    Here where I live the price difference between those keyboards listed is ENORMOUS and the difference between those and a decent mechanical keyboard is also scary!

    I came to this video to check if that price difference would be worth in my case. G213 is at 140 (free shipping), K55 is at 230 (with shipping), MasterSet 121 can't be found and Cynosa Chroma is 315 (free shipping). Decent mechanical ones are around 300 and up, so the only one anywhere close to it would be the Cynosa.

    With the review I saw that while the G213 may be the more "meh" of the group, for the current price I can find that it's actually very nice! So I'll prolly go with it 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews, man!

  4. i have the K55. just as a extra keyboard. it does the jop. i can play overwatch with it pretty well. although its membrane so the keys are obviously not as sensible as mechenical keys. but it works fine. for 50 euros you cant complain. and about the RGB? dont care that much i keep it on Rainbow mode. at least that how i call it. thats why i wanted to have an RGB keyboard so i could do that. But anyway this month i am going to buy the Wooting One keyboard.

  5. Sorry, but I've tried most of those keyboards looking for the best one, and the Logitech G213 was perfect, it looks great, types great and it's not flimsy at all, why anyone wants the simulated annoying click of mx blue switches is beyond me, it's a retarded fad that you're busting a nut to propogate. You were so far off, I'd go as far as to say you're being paid to give fake reviews.

  6. corsair its 50 bucks it has 6 macro keys its got dedicated media keys and wonderful rgb lighting and again for only 50 bucks owh and the wrist rest its a fucking steal