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The Lobby crew discusses if BioWare improve Mass Effect Andromeda though either patches or DLC. Watch Awkward Flirting in Mass Effect: …



  1. Never played a mass effect game, read nothing about it, know nothing about it. First experiences with Andromeda are luke warm at the moment. But really early days only just got to the first planet. Character interaction is a bit painful at times. Combat is great fun. Not looking forward to all the puzzel stuff I have seen mentioned so far.

  2. Couldn't help but notice the comment on Zelda again. Why do people say BotW's tasks are rewarding? I'm 50+ Hours into the game and I feel like I've been playing a grindfest with rewards that are equivalent to just okay items and mounds and mounds of rupees. Oh and don't get me started on the tedious korok seed discoveries. You need to make Time = Equivalent Reward, I feel like Zelda doesn't execute this properly with it's massive world.

    Sorry I know this is totally off topic… lol

  3. I was really disappointed in the game for the first 5-6 hours, but eventually I got into a rhythm that I now enjoy and plan on seeing through to the end. I can hope that BioWare fixes a bunch of technical issues that I've encountered throughout, but the game will never be as good as the original trilogy.

  4. If the main game is not awesome, I will not buy any DLC for it. That just sets a bad precedence, where cash strapped Devs will dumb down the main story so that the DLC will sell like hotcakes.

  5. It's funny how there's no videos or comments about how to fix ME:Andromeda! Me and many others having to same problems we are stuck of the nexus and crash in every walkway leading to the your starship (seems crash zone is between customs checkpoint and first door to tempest) please make a video that helps

  6. The game really is a mixed bag. I am surprised that many reviewers left out some important info.

    First for the good: Yes, the game plays a lot like most mass effect games. Lots of fighting without it being too boring. There is a decent story line and lots and lots of quests. I also like the idea of being able to use any skill and not be locked into set classes.

    The bad :

    First, there is an increasing trend for publishers to put in hard puzzles. thus, if you can't solve the puzzle, you are shafted. I know that you all love to do hard SEDUKU puzzles, right? Wrong. These are boring, and should be completely eliminated from the game. Even worse, they make the game very challenging just to find the puzzles in order to attempt them. It's a really crazy system that should be junked.

    Secondly,The interface, especially the quest interface for quests is abysmal. Whoever designed the quest interface should have been fired. You will find quests under the quest section,which is expected and quests in various parts of the Codex among other areas. They really, really need to sort out the quests in a much easier manner, and have the current quest always showing what needs to be done. Why they didn't just put all quests in one area and sort them between main story quests, loyalty quests and additional quests,which could be further subdivided by area is baffling. Hopefully, some nice modder will fix this.

    Third: tracking. Mass effect 1 was great because it was simple to understand and use. Sadly, this isn't true of ME Andromeda. For example, in older mass effect games and with other RPGs, you might see a tracking line to where you need to do. ME Andromeda got rid of this and put icon at the top to follow. Sadly, some of the icons are hard to distinguish from other quest icons and they don't show a path to the quest area. You have to find how to get there and go through a lot of frustration.

    Fourth: Yes, ME Andromeda got rid of the classes. You can now pick any skill. Sadly they limited the utilizable skills to only three at a time, which is much too little. Certainly, they should have had at least 5. Even Everquest, which had very limited skills available , had 8.

    Fifth: The inventory limit is MUCH too limited. I don't know what they were thinking, but allowing only 50 slots was crazy. They should have allowed much more even if we had to purchase it at a vendor.

    Sixth: Maps in the original Mass Effect trilogy were easy to follow. This isn't the case with ME andromeda. There are lots of obstacles blocking entry and egress , and it isn't clear how to get to a particular destination.

    Seventh: Driving the Nomad is very tough at least until you get a number of upgrades. Frankly, players made a mod in the original ME trilogy that allowed steering based on mouse direction. Why Zenimax didn't incorporate this is frankly bizarre.

    Eighth: Nothing is easy with this game or intuitive. For example, on EOS , we had to shut off a force field blocking entrance to a research area. After going around the area deactivating the shield generators, nothing happened. Doesn't "deactivated mean off? — not in ME Andromeda. Players need to not only shut off the generators but destroy two of them. Frankly, this seems more like a bug than a strange puzzle.

    Ninth: In the trilogy, you can easily add mods. Now , no mods area can be added to weapons or armor unless crafted. Why? Frankly, I would have liked mods to be added to everything. Crafting is also much more complicated than it need be.
    I think drafting should be a lot more simplified than it is.

    Tenth: Sadly, unlike the trilogy, I found myself not caring about the characters. There certainly wasn't enough character development in the story.

    What's even more shocking is that few people are talking about all this. Much of the reviews are focusing on the animation and modeling problems and dumb dialogue, all of which definitely need improvement. However, to me , the game play is much more important.

    Bottom line: Yes, this does play fairly well and does have some of the compelling aspects of the original trilogy. If only Bethesda Softworks had sought more player input. It is only a C+ game, which isn't horrible—- just not fantastic like the trilogy.

  7. It's too late, the reputation has been marred. Mass Effect Andromeda will forever be remembered as the "my face is tired" meme. Guess i'll just wait till it is on sale and get it then.

  8. Just because you suck at logic based puzzles doesn't make the hacking bad.

    Edit: Complains about not being able to solve a logic puzzle under 45 minutes makes fun of 'dumb' people.

  9. my impression of the game is that on paper it's a hit.. but it's bogged down by poor execution. same thing with mafia 3… really really good games that will get poor grades because of the little things. too bad.

  10. my only issue with videos like this, is they're full of unqualified people just spitting out negative opinions to get views. yes, the game isn't perfect. but these people are taking those flaws, amd painting them as so bad that the game is unplayable. the game plays well, the goofy writing is easy to pass up, the faces are easy to ignore. the combat is good and is worth playing just for that alone. releasing games like this, are bound to fail. people.will always have predispositions because of the games predecessors. Gaming media is riddled with people that are hardly able to call themselves gamers. it's silly

  11. it all makes total sense now. the ME3 MP team made the whole game so of course the combat is fun (the main focus of MP) while the characters, writing, and narrative are mediocre.

    the PERFECT quote from this that relates to me: "why people may be struggling to really get into it because it takes so long to justify what it is trying to do." SO TRUE i turn the game on and do a bunch of quests and i just don't want to play anymore. it doesn't hook me. i was hoping this would be a game that would fuck my sleep schedule. it didn't… not even close. i was perfectly rested all of release week.

  12. How can you fix something thats soooo sooo broken? Literally the first few minutes of writing is broken beyond belief. omni tools can fix helmets, yet when RYDER SENIOR BREAKS HIS HELMET NO OMNI TOOL. Really bioware? so basically the entire point of the entire game is made moot because your father is too dumb to fix his helmet, but apparently is intelligent enough to create the most advanced AI known to man? really?