Can you still make money in web development?


Team Treehouse, free trial Yes you can still make money as a web developer even though is seams as though …



  1. Im a programmer for 12 years, this video is very helpful. However, dont listen to all that crap that requires you to pay money to learn programming or game development. I now C/C++, java, javascript, php, assembly programming and many more just by googling and experimenting around. I never paid a single dime for courses or bootcamps. The internet is massive with unlimited amount of resources that would help you in everything you want from programming to how the computers work. You just need to be dedicated to learn. You need to want to learn as bad as you want to eat or even breath. Im 27 years old and computers were my passion since i was 15.

  2. Dude. I apologise. Please get that other video back up, immediately. You gave good, solid advice. It was good and YOU are good. Just keep doing what you're doing. Sure, there are a couple of finer points that I would do differently – but you're the new generation. You've GOT to keep moving forward.

    As you become more famous, you'll have to learn how to deal with people being pains in the ass. You can't just fold. If you can't handle criticism from me then what chance have you got once you get out into the big world? This is all a test. The universe has given you this test and you NEED to pass.

    I promise, you have nothing to worry about at all – especially from me. Please, get it back up and say whatever feels good for you. That's the only thing that matters. Keep moving forward. You've only just started to really find your power and I support you.

    By the way… I've taken my video down and I'm looking forward to deleting this comment, once I see your video back up. So, get it back up. Go ahead.

  3. I would avoid programming as a career because of outsourcing and the nature of temporary contractual work right now who's growing fast in the industry and will get even worse in the next 20 years but program if you're born to program and it's your passion… like you can't do or want to do anything else passion > money and you can still make great money but at the risk of having a not so stable career compared to lets say cisco specialist or advanced system engineers who manage windows or linux servers in the datacenter etc.. theses kind of jobs are more stable and you won't have to relearn a new JS framework every 2 years or new things etc as much as frontend. That being said there is a tons of great opportunity in programming outside of the JS world like C++ game programming or C# or Java backend development etc can have solid great career there too but it depends a lot on where you live too like large cities vs small town…. lots of theses videos on youtube too are fake or distort reality, most of them are made by amateur who try to make a quick bucks with youtube views the real engineers or programmers dont waste time makings youtube video all the time, they work …

  4. Hey Michael…Great videos and love the straight forward advice. Thinking of taking your advice (from other video) about making youtube videos – Do you mind sharing what audio/video recording equipment your using?

  5. Hello Michael Thomas! Thanks for this wonderful video, it really help me a lot on how do i make money for in the future! But right now, im still mastering CSS and HTML so that i am ready to proceed JScript.

  6. Hey Everyone,,No one is degrading his own career..the only point why developers work for little is that NO ONE ACCEPT THEIR BIDS.."AUTOMATION KILLS THE WEB DESIGN JOB".but as well as everyone became afraid from being web developer especially in my cs college..Graduates are always taking about the automation..This is actually a chance for HIGH QUALITY developers as michael said from 250$ to 20000$.The high quality developers are in decrease..Remember also that automation requires high developing skilss.So to sum up if u are good coder,start to improve yourself,work on higher projects,and build your best..Sry for my english 🙂

  7. I've had a pretty good experience on Upwork so far, and I'm starting just the same as you! $250 for my 1st site. I got a couple other jobs which netted me a couple hundred, and all in the course of 2 weeks. I'd say pretty good going from no experience or education. I build sites, better called web apps, with React and Node.js. Do you have any tips? I already know React Native and have built some apps, but because I don't have a Mac I can't really compete at all for jobs.

  8. Great video! It is really disappointing you're right at the beginning to compete on Upwork with developers with more experience in India or China, but everyone has to start somewhere!! Love your emphasis on the process. One step at the time!

  9. I consider myself a graphic designer/artist that was practically forced into learning code/web design and development. I worked for a small company for about 6 years. It became extremely stressful as someone that was trained to research and conceptualize visually appealing designs to just have to agree with clients that are only interested in "cookie-cutter" designs. And let me tell you the majority of clients I have dealt with were very adamant into basically copying some site they thought look good. It feels that now a days, most web designs are the same: large image/video with some overlaying titles. Them some call-to-action boxes and content below. That's it. No real creativity there other than adding some limited little animation here and there (which in my opinion seems very distracting).
    The same thing happens when I designed logos, brochures, flyers, etc. you have to please the client not matter how bad you think it looks.
    So now I'm unemployed. I thought I would take classes to get up to date on the "latest" technology. Then I discovered the massive amount of technology out there. You learn it, then a few months later, there's a better one out. And most of it is just new language to make it "easier" to code older languages. All the libraries, all the frameworks, languages, platforms, tools. It almost seems like you gotta spend more time learning than actually creating. It's just too overwhelming. Trying to be a freelancer is equally difficult when you have limited knowledge in eCommerce. Most potential clients I have spoken to need people highly trained in eCommerce-based languages. And the ones that need a "designer" just have template designs and only need little tweaks here and there and adding banners all over the place.
    The next step for me now is to try starting my own business. This is something I had envisioned and been itching to try for a very long time now. I understand that this will be difficult without a job, but like you said I gotta work with what I have. I consider myself a very creative person. I want to expand my artistic creativity and share it to the world. If am not successful, at least I can say that I tried, right?>

  10. Money can still be made but with the wave of new developers you separate yourself with an amazing portfolios and solid skills. Html css javascript is certainly not enough. Nowadays you need to master a range of technologies