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Choose the best public cloud instances for your apps and budget

There is such a range of public cloud instances; it can be tough to know which to choose. There are many variations from top...

Explore Google XPN for virtual private cloud networks

Network segmentation has been a standard IT security practice for decades. For many...

AWS hybrid strategy adapts to enterprise demand, market pressure

Enterprises continue to force AWS to reevaluate its view on hybrid and push the cloud pioneer in previously unimaginable directions. Earlier this month, Amazon...

Five overlooked costs that add to a public cloud bill

Compared to on-premises infrastructure, public cloud computing often reduces enterprise costs. But for...

EBay to bottle its special sauce for Kubernetes management

One of the world's largest enterprises intends to contribute its formula for OpenStack and Kubernetes management to the open source community next quarter. ...

A cloud-first policy is not the answer for all enterprise apps

Cloud first is the new orthodoxy, and with good reason. Companies large and small are moving assets off site and into the cloud, driven...

Navigate blockchain services in the public cloud

The exact role of blockchain in the business is still up for debate,...

Public sector fuels growth in AWS GovCloud region

AWS' reach into the public sector is significant enough that it holds a...

Evolve your cloud cost management strategy for serverless computing

model change how you deploy and manage cloud apps, but it also changes how you craft a cloud cost management strategy.With serverless computing, you...

Azure cloud database service joins chorus to serenade next-gen apps

Microsoft has entered the fray of next-generation cloud database services amid a broader push to extend Azure to more types of workloads and locations. ...

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