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Want better cloud infrastructure management? Reexamine your IT tool set

A cloud migration brings a lot of change for enterprise IT teams, from how they monitor costs to staff organization. But one of the...

The Future of Digital Marketing – Cloudipedia

The cloud and as-a-service innovations have lowered the barrier for born-in-the-cloud businesses, but what many would-be digital entrepreneurs are overlooking is the fact that...

Amazon escapes the internet outage caused by its own cloud computing service

AWS S3 might have left much of the internet down, but Amazon itself was able to rise from the ashes.Image: Photo by Ted...

IBM created the world’s smallest magnet for increased data storage

A team of IBM researchers just created the world's smallest magnet using a solitary atom — and if that wasn't enough of a challenge,...

Apple is now the owner of

Image: MASHABLE COMPOSITE. GETTY CREATIVE, PIXSOOZBy Raymond Wong2017-02-22 16:33:13 UTC Apple's now the official owner of the website, which up until recently,...

Build an effective API management system for multicloud

Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. To effectively access and deploy those cloud services, enterprises must use the provider's application programming interfaces.But as...

Build better apps with these AWS hybrid cloud development tools

resiliency. AWS has a range of services to support on-premises and public cloud-based workloads.IT teams must develop and deploy hybrid workloads, often using DevOps...

Event-driven applications drive next wave of IaaS evolution

There's a new paradigm for the public cloud that combines the best of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as...

Cloud security challenges spark startup acquisitions

Security on public cloud platforms is a chronic user concern, but as enterprise adoption rises, cloud security startups are a hot commodity.Amazon Web Services,...

Consider OpenStack benefits, but lack of automation must be overcome

Given the current widely held view that a hybrid cloud approach is the right way forward for many larger enterprises, much of the private...

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