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API prices create cloud billing shock for some enterprises

database, produce the price of a stock or instantly provision hundreds of machine instances. To decide which public cloud-based API is right for an...

IBM Cloud Orchestrator smooths out differences across multiple clouds

and redeployment. This only gets more challenging when you move beyond a single cloud.Multicloud projects, including hybrid and public clouds from multiple providers, compound...

Guarantee data consistency for hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery

as other segments of the platform take up the load -- or, in the case of a public cloud, as the workload migrates to...

ATAdata launches into cloud disaster recovery market

ATAdata has taken a run at a progressively crowded disaster-recovery-as-a-service market with a product that integrates with the vendor's management and migration platform.ATAdata ATAguard,...

Ensure your serverless apps can scale with these deployment tips

load as business conditions change. However, to ensure that scalability, cloud teams need to properly design, develop and deploy serverless applications.An application, in general,...

Google cloud machine learning services

Artificial intelligence isn't science fiction anymore. For some enterprises, the technology already provides many benefits. With machine learning algorithms, for example, applications can "learn"...

Three questions to ask before you migrate apps to public cloud

The public cloud is an attractive option for many enterprises because of its scalability, speed and pay-as-you-go model. But those benefits don't apply to...

Retail Evolves to a Hybrid Model as Stores Continue to Close – Cloudipedia

Record store closings, retail bankruptcies and shuttered shopping malls are all causing Wall Street, retailers, and armchair know-it-alls to look for someone or something...

Infuse more flexibility into OpenStack Heat templates

a full cloud stack, consisting of any number of VMs and associated configurations. To deploy stacks using OpenStack Heat, admins need to create a...

Curb on-demand self-service risks with cloud inventory management

But because of cloud's on-demand self-service model, it's common for other parts of the business to spin up new services and leave IT in...

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