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EC2 Fleet Auto Scaling targets diverse workloads

Chris Kanaracus, Senior News Writer Every AWS customer wants scalability, availability, capacity and performance -- all at the best price. They also expect AWS to...

Evaluate 3 cloud-native CI/CD pipeline tools

Freelance web developer and writer Each major public cloud provider offers its own native CI/CD pipeline tools. And while each of these tools has its...

Container security tools push multi-cloud closer to reality

Container portability across clouds is the holy grail of IT management for many enterprises, but it takes more than multi-cloud Kubernetes compatibility to get...

AWS, Oracle trash talk spotlights cloud database migration

Vendor braggadocio is a staple of the tech industry, and while best heard with a skeptical ear, sometimes it raises important questions for enterprise...

Cloud-based quantum computing inches slowly toward enterprise

While quantum computing is still a ways off from mainstream enterprise adoption, two trends around the technology are already clear: It will require users...

Cloud cost management tools heat up with Apptio sale

Chris Kanaracus, Senior News Writer Companies with a hybrid IT strategy in place or on the drawing board should pay attention, as spend analytics vendor...

Break down the main features of Azure DevOps Services

Microsoft has renamed Visual Studio Team Services to Azure DevOps Services. The change, in large part, was in response to the momentum around CI/CD,...

Cisco, AWS team up for Kubernetes hybrid cloud deployments

Chris Kanaracus, Senior News Writer IT shops gain another option for hybrid cloud management for Kubernetes workloads, with a hardware, software and services bundle from...

Google Cloud Scheduler brings job automation to GCP

As an old-time TV pitchman who sold a popular rotisserie oven once said, sometimes, you just like to set it and forget it.In a...

Prioritize UX in a serverless mobile app framework

Mobile application development and serverless computing are high priorities for enterprise developers and application architects. Naturally, serverless mobile applications offer an intriguing intersection of...

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