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Compare two types of cloud automation and orchestration tools

one is a challenge. The best option for your company ultimately depends on your current and future goals, as well as the functionality you...

Amazon, Microsoft crave more machine learning in the cloud

An unlikely partnership between two tech heavyweights symbolizes how cloud vendors prioritize machine learning and deep learning for the future of their platforms. Amazon...

Learn the basics of Azure Container Instances

With the service, enterprises can run one or more containers on managed server infrastructure.One of the biggest benefits of Azure Container Instances is that...

Evaluate public IaaS options based on these key features

On the surface, choosing a public infrastructure-as-a-service offering might seem simple, but it's definitely not something an organization should rush. When you review IaaS...

Public cloud security concerns wane as IaaS ramps, IAC rises

BOSTON -- Enterprises have warmed up to the public cloud with the belief it can be at least as secure, if not more, than...

The new normal for IT shops

Doubts about a cloud-based environment being little more than a passing fancy are vanishing. Plenty of real enterprises are not only comfortable releasing key...

Cloud network services adjust to enterprise demands

In discussions about cloud, networking often gets short shrift compared to compute and storage resources. But that might change, as more options for complex...

Fog computing is in the forecast for IoT deployments

The internet of things will demand a cloud computing architecture without well-defined boundaries. Tomorrow's cloud will need to extend beyond the walls of a...

Cisco cloud VP calls out trends in multicloud strategy

Large enterprises have quickly embraced multicloud strategy as a common practice -- a shift that introduces opportunities, as well as challenges. Cisco has witnessed...

VMware cloud services offer security, integration and more

VMware's road to the cloud has been long and, at times, bumpy. Although...

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