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Are You Managing Risk In Your Cloud Ecosystem? – Cloudipedia

Ronald Reagan famously quoted an old Russian proverb when dealing with the Soviet Union – “Doveryai, no proveryai,” which translates to “trust, but verify.”...

Microsoft ‘Windows 10 Cloud’ could challenge Google’s Chrome OS

Image: miles goscha/mashableBy Raymond Wong2017-02-04 19:52:45 UTC Microsoft launched Windows 10 with an ambitious goal of getting 1 billion devices to run its operating...

Public Cloud Services in the Middle East and North Africa Region Forecast to Reach...

The public cloud services market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is projected to grow to 19.3 percent in 2016 to...

It’s About Time That CIOs Adopt Cloud Technology In The Middle East – TFOUR.ME

The shift to the cloud market is accelerating and will continue to result in more revenues being deferred to future quarters leading to greater...

Has Middle East adopted Cloud Computing? – TFOUR.ME

This is Part II of 'Has Middle East adopted Cloud Computing? The cloud doesn’t really change what the users can do; it changes the speed...

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