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Enlightened shadow IT policy collaborates with users

Most IT departments have spent time rooting out the shadow, or non-IT-sanctioned, applications and systems in use within their organizations. Today, users find that...

IAM tools represent a big shift in cloud security

Provided a business is satisfied with its data center IT security, the best way to address cloud security is to focus on the incremental...

Azure IoT services look to simplify use of the emerging tech

Microsoft continues to grow its Azure IoT services to make them more palatable to mainstream enterprises. Azure Time Series Insights is the latest of...

Tap into OpenStack container services for private, hybrid clouds

Container-based virtualization affects all segments of IT, including cloud software stacks. As a...

Avoid downtime during the cloud migration process

As organizations migrate to cloud-based infrastructure, IT teams needs to maintain availability during...

How serverless computing affects a cloud operations team

Virtual resources have always created a challenge for operations teams. Most IT professionals learned their skills... in an age where organizations deployed servers, maintained consistent...

Scale resources automatically with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Dynamic scalability is one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing. IT teams...

Four options to pursue a career in cloud computing

In recent years, many IT pros have shaken the cobwebs off their resumes and fine-tuned their skills to pursue a career in cloud computing....

Want better cloud infrastructure management? Reexamine your IT tool set

A cloud migration brings a lot of change for enterprise IT teams, from how they monitor costs to staff organization. But one of the...

ERP hybrid cloud architecture causes integration headaches

No doubt about it: Cloud ERP adoption is on the rise. But that doesn't mean manufacturers are migrating their key on-premises back-office and production...

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