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Set up Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for more secure cloud access

Multifactor authentication, in general, is a common way to protect enterprise workloads in the cloud. There are... several factors to keep in mind to set...

Break down the difference between cloud automation and orchestration

remain blurred. Although the two terms are often lumped together, IT teams should have a clear understanding of each, as well as the relationship...

Taking a look at the HPE hybrid IT strategy

Tracing Hewlett Packard Enterprise's trajectory from its origins through its multiple divestments and acquisitions and to the current HPE hybrid IT strategy, it's striking...

Choose the right Azure logging tool for your monitoring needs

offers a handful of services on Azure to track both system and application performance, as well as review events that are written to logging...

Microsoft expands cloud appeal with Cycle Computing buy, Azure update

Microsoft's latest additions to its public cloud exemplify how it plans to make cloud technologies more accessible to a broader audience. Microsoft made two...

Manage containers in cloud computing to prevent sprawl, cut costs

Containers in cloud computing simplify and accelerate application deployment, but the ease with...

Intelligent cloud, digital business remaking firm

Talk to Microsoft these days and you'll get an earful on the Microsoft intelligent cloud and digital transformation. Indeed, Microsoft in recent years has...

Optimize a public cloud storage service with these performance tips

As enterprises deploy more storage resources to the public cloud, the performance of...

What is CipherCloud? – Definition from

CipherCloud is a vendor that provides a cloud access security broker (CASB) platform, along with a number of security services, aimed at helping organizations...

Enterprise identity management tools keep cloud hackers at bay

strike a balance between keeping information secure and making it simple for users to access the resources they need. Cloud computing presents organizations with...

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