Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the hottest areas of technology these days. We bring you all the latest news and developments from this fast moving sector including how to secure your website, how to protect your data and how to guard against the latest emerging threats.

Twitter’s New Abuse Filter Works Great, If Your Name Is Mike Pence

Photo: AP Harassment on Twitter is a very real problem, not just celebrities, but for regular users too. In order to help curb abuse on...

Trump’s Crazy British Spy Scenario Actually Happened Before in 1983

President Trump returns to the White House on March 19th after his fifth vacation at Mar-a-Lago in his eight weeks as President (Photo by...

Mike Pence wants an apology after the AP publishes second lady’s email address

Mike and Karen Pence have an email controversy of their own.Image: AP/REX/ShutterstockBy Colin Daileda2017-03-04 17:56:56 -0500 Vice President Mike Pence's email controversy is...

One telecom carrier is fixing a major privacy problem you probably don’t know about

An telecom operator is trying to fix a major privacy problem that many of us are unaware about.  Vodafone, India’s second largest telecom operator by...

18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

Image: Screenshot Your existence is scattered across the internet. You likely have accounts at forums you haven’t been to in a decade, and social media...

WikiLeaks shows us, once again, just how shady it is

It looks like WIkiLeaks' promise to work with tech companies to fix their security vulnerabilities may come with a few strings attached after all. In...

MormonLeaks Goes to Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked “Enemy List”

On Tuesday March 14th, a group of former and inactive Mormons—who have leaked dozens of internal documents exposing the inner workings of the Church...

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