Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Making money online is now big business but effective digital marketing methods are constantly evolving. That's why we feature quality content from the worlds best digital marketers to help you tap into the amazing opportunities presented by the modern internet. Whether its growing your existing business or trying to set up and lead a digital nomad lifestyle, TechnolAG have all the bases covered.

Facebook ready to ramp up flights of its solar-powered drone

Last summer, when Facebook tested its huge drone, the right wing fizzled out and it smashed into the Arizona desert. So, you know, could...

Parental control service “Circle with Disney” to help with distracted driving, social media, kids’...

Circle with Disney, a device that helps parents manage their home’s internet rules and restrictions, wants to be more than...

Can You Help Us Solve a Fun Reddit Mystery?

Image: AP Photo/Andy Wong. Lightly edited The only rule you may be told is this one. That’s the premise of r/MaoGame, a new subreddit loosely based...

This app is like Tinder, but for deleting your embarrassing, awful old tweets

There's finally an easy, fun way to delete your old tweets. For $0.99, a new iOS app called Keep or Delete by German developer Tobias...

How Donald Trump’s own tweets could be his undoing

On Dec. 7, 2015, Donald Trump sent a tweet that now feels darkly foreboding. It was titled a "Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration" and...

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Netflix is falling off a cliff – TechCrunch

Netflix didn’t add as many subscribers as expected by a bunch of people on Wall Street who, on a quarterly basis, govern whether or...