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Exxon Probably ‘Lost’ Those Secret Rex Tillerson Emails, They’re Figuring It Out

Photo: Getty If the 2016 election taught us anything, we now know that proper handling of email is the most important thing in the world....

The Curiosity Rover’s Wheels Aren’t Looking So Good

Two treads, or grousers, on Curiosity’s left middle wheel are broken. In this image, a torn grouser can be seen at the top of...

Elvie pulls in $6M Series A to build a global female health tech brand

The UK startup behind a connected kegel exerciser called Elvie is today announcing a $6 million Series A round led...

Man who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges tried to hide data in a cufflink

Cufflink computer.Image: stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/ShutterstockBy Colin Daileda2017-03-21 03:12:38 UTC One rule of hiding something is to put it somewhere no one would think to...

Paris Climate Agreement Could Bring a Huge Economic Boom

Photo: Getty In the lead up to talks between the G20 nations that will take place over the next few months, Germany has...

This ‘Ghost Plane’ Crash Is One Of The Weirdest Mysteries Of 2017

U.S. and Canadian authorities are rightfully spooked following a plane crash in Ontario, Canada on Sunday night. What’s got them shook? There’s absolutely no...

Apple could be putting together an augmented reality team

Apple could be betting big on augmented reality. According to a new Bloomberg report, the company could be working...

Experts Worry As Germany Tests Voice Recognition Software to Screen Refugees

Photo: Getty Germany announced this week that it will begin testing voice recognition software in its screening of refugees seeking asylum. The approach may help...

Some Photos of Earth For Shaq, Who Thinks the Earth is Flat

Photo: Getty Dr. Shaquille O’Neal is no longer a professional basketball player, he’s a podcaster. That means he has unlimited opportunities to stick his size...

Jackass Who Risked Lives Flying a Balloon Chair Fined $26k 

GIF Daniel Boria was not the first person to see Up and think it would be a great idea to fly around in his...

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