Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

Keep up to date with all of the latest technological innovations with the help of TechnolAG. From artificial intelligence to robotics, big data to organic computing, we cover a huge range of industries bringing you the best stories , opinion pieces and breaking news concerning emerging tech.

Wireless Apple CarPlay will finally come to more cars

Apple's CarPlay in-vehicle infotainment system has been around since 2014 — and since then, it's been tethered to car dashboards by a Lightning connection...

Hayo’s Kinect-like sensor for your home now has an API

Sometimes I miss the Kinect. It was such a breakthrough device and yet it didn’t go anywhere. But it...

VR may be hyped, but it’ll take ‘maybe a decade’ to become mainstream

VR penetration of Australian households will only reach 25.5 percent by 2021.Image: B. Tongo/Epa/REX/ShutterstockBy Ariel Bogle2017-02-21 04:29:53 UTC Despite burying us up to our...

We will stream to your eyeballs, or VR, or um whatever the future is

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks at Mobile World Congress 2017.Image: manuel blondeau/mashableBy Raymond Wong2017-02-28 16:57:26 UTC Today, Netflix streams to TVs, computers, tablets, phones,...

Electronic Roses Could One Day Turn Gardens Into Batteries

In the TV series, Star Trek: Voyager, the space ship was the first of its kind to be built with biological circuitry designed to...

Air Mattress, Alexa-Enabled Smart Plugs, Vizio Soundbar, and More

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A Snapchat drone?! Here’s what we know

Snapchat is displayed on a smartphone on September 27, 2016 in Berlin, GermanyImage: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty ImagesBy Kerry Flynn2017-03-01 06:19:41 UTC Snap Inc....

People are using DIY kits to make their own self-driving cars

Self-driving tech is on its way to cars — but for some, it's not coming soon enough. While Tesla rolls out updates to Autopilot...

Japan launches an app that’ll tell you where the nearest vacant toilet is

Image: AP/REX/ShutterstockBy Yvette Tan2017-02-23 07:22:09 UTC When you gotta go, you gotta go — until all the cubicles are full and there's a snaking...

LG G6 ushers in a new era of smartphones with huge screens

LG left just enough space to place the company logo below that 18:9 screen on the LG G6.Image: Manuel Blondeau/MashableBy Stan Schroeder2017-02-26 12:00:00...

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