Analytics, reporting, database management, business intelligence and more. If its happening in the fast moving world of enterprise computing then we have it covered. With the help of TechnolAG your business can stay ahead of the curve and you will prepared to take advantage of the latest developments to help keep it running smoothly and profitably.

Micro data centers garner macro hype and little latency

LAS VEGAS -- The large growth of data in many organizations is piquing IT interest in edge computing. Edge computing is a process that...

IBM Power9 bulks up for AI workloads

The latest proprietary Power servers from IBM, armed by the long-awaited IBM Power9 processors, look for relevance among next-generation enterprise workloads, but the company...

CA Technologies antes up with AI in mainframe software tools

CA Technologies has adjusted its menu to focus on cloud, Agile and open source technologies on distributed platforms, but the company can't forget what...

Agility, comradery drive CA Technologies’ strategy turnaround

Like many contemporaries that flourished selling mainframe software in the 1980s, CA Technologies has faced a harsh reality the past few years. It must...

Future data center systems await memory innovation

Software steals the show when it comes to tech innovation today, and it overshadows any improvements to hardware. But get ready for the future...

With Btrfs file system gone in RHEL 8, look at alternatives

When it was first launched in 2009, the Btrfs file system had a...

Hybrid cloud platforms look to liberate VMware, Azure tie-in

For IT shops that struggle to navigate a landscape of proprietary hybrid cloud options, newer hybrid cloud platforms promise a path free of vendor...

More users flub evals of colocation data center providers

If enterprises want to make the right colocation decisions, they've got to ask better questions. IT pros in search of a colocation data center...

Microsoft Azure Stack has finally arrived — or has it?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- After a year or more of previews, promises and a six-month delay, Microsoft finally has rolled out its much-anticipated Azure Stack...

Cisco Intersight rolls up data center management software

Cisco is throwing a cloud party for all of its data center management tools, and everyone's invited. Cisco has pulled together its UCS Manager,...

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