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CI tried, but did not eliminate data center specialists

Reports of the death of the data center specialist are greatly exaggerated. Despite growing use of converged infrastructure (CI) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), enterprises...

Red Hat Ansible uses grow as integration options expand

Ansible, a configuration management tool, has gained popularity over the last few years because it is relatively easy to set up and configure. And...

Cisco-Springpath deal to expand users’ hyper-converged options

Cisco UCS customers will likely see more benefits from hyper-converged software as a result of the vendor's recent acquisition of a small software partner. ...

Blockchain hardware in your data center might not solve any problems

Blockchain could soon descend from the cloud to live in enterprise data centers. Blockchain, an emerging technology that tracks the transactions of digital assets...

Azure Stack scale limits could delay launch for some enterprises

Azure Stack is nearly ready for public release, with at least one remaining question: Will Azure Stack scale to accommodate enterprises with larger-scale requirements? ...

Data center acquisitions can cause price and services upheaval

Enterprises that rent space in one of the many data centers under new ownership this year need to keep an eye out for changes...

Redfish server management gets vendors’ nod in new server hardware

Customers trying to unite their hybrid IT infrastructures with server management tools get mixed messages from the big server vendors. All major server vendors...

Tier IV data center comes online as new certification players emerge

Two new tier certification programs that grade data center facilities will challenge longtime incumbent Uptime Institute LLC at a time when customers demand highly...

IBM to debut z Systems mainframe with beefed-up security

IBM will put a more secure padlock on its Big Iron. Next week, IBM will introduce the latest member of its venerable z Systems...

Edge data centers push to new limits with cell tower deal

Edge data centers may soon be pushed even closer to the limit. A plan to build colocation data centers at the base of cellphone...

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