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Tier IV data center comes online as new certification players emerge

Two new tier certification programs that grade data center facilities will challenge longtime incumbent Uptime Institute LLC at a time when customers demand highly...

IBM to debut z Systems mainframe with beefed-up security

IBM will put a more secure padlock on its Big Iron. Next week, IBM will introduce the latest member of its venerable z Systems...

Edge data centers push to new limits with cell tower deal

Edge data centers may soon be pushed even closer to the limit. A plan to build colocation data centers at the base of cellphone...

Red Hat’s software-only HCI system seeks hardware flexibility

Red Hat finally decided to jump into the hyper-converged market, but it's unclear if its arrival is fashionably late or missed the boat. The...

VxBlock clocks Vblock, as Dell EMC advances CI plans

Voila! The Vblock has vanished. Dell EMC has phased out its Vblock product line, the converged infrastructure (CI) system that launched a new category...

Server firmware security threat, real or not, gets renewed attention

Server firmware could be the next frontier for cybercriminals -- and for hardware vendors. Most cybercrime involves simple and untargeted ransomware. But as security...

Serverless architectures offer more than a catchy buzzword

Serverless computing has become a popular yet confusing topic in the IT industry. The first time I heard the phrase serverless computing, I laughed...

IT pros see minor benefits in newest Dell EMC servers

LAS VEGAS -- Software is the darling of enterprise IT today, which makes it hard for a hardware stalwart, such as Dell EMC, to...

To drive business transition, IT leaders must first regain control

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Amid the clamor about digital business transformation, IT leaders are frustrated at cultural barriers and budget constraints that hamper organizational change. ...

Containers, cloud, fast networking and IoT still top IT trends

ORLANDO, Fla. -- IT professionals have a tall order to fill. They must keep applications running as they evaluate new technology in preparation for...

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