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Cassie the robot improves bipedal walking balance

Image: Oregon state universityBy Brett Williams2017-02-10 23:20:28 UTC This could be the future of robotics — and it kind of looks like a chicken....

Ford announces $1 billiom investment in Argo AI self-driving tech

Ford just announced a massive $1 billion investment in a startup that hadn't even gone public before today.  It's one of the auto industry's single...

Apple fixed a bug that accidentally kept your cleared browsing data on iCloud

Apple has fixed a bug that was inadvertently storing users' cleared browsing history on iCloud.  Vladimir Katalov, CEO of security firm ElcomSoft, recently told Forbes...

Foxtrot Alpha Donald Trump Screwed Up A Big Opportunity To Avoid Nuclear Holocaust | io9 Everything

Foxtrot Alpha Donald Trump Screwed Up A Big Opportunity To Avoid Nuclear Holocaust | io9 Everything Star Wars Has Reintroduced From the Old Expanded Universe |...

Ragnarok Is Making a Stop Motion Film About Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee

Taika Waititi, left, is about to make as weird a movie as you’ve ever heard. Headlines like that are why we do what we do. The...

This Is How Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Actually Work

When Nike released its self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers last year, people went crazy for them, even with their outrageous $720 price tag. But...

The futuristic golf caddy will have you looking fly on the course

The 'Rover' follows golfers around and is the perfect companion for a peaceful day on the course. Users rely on a transmitter and the...

‘Video Games Are Like the Dopest Art Form’

Two days ago, news broke that a Castlevania TV show would be heading to Netflix in 2017, prompting thousands of jokes quoting dialogue from...

How to Watch Tonight’s Ultra Rare Eclipse, Snow Moon, and Comet Flyby

Photo: AP Cancel all your plans immediately: tonight, stargazers will be able to view a penumbral lunar eclipse, a stunning full moon, and a comet...

Sony 4K TVs will be controllable with Google Assistant later this year

Buying a 4K TV is more confusing than ever before, and decoding all of the different picture quality technologies and supported formats like quantum...

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