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The Best 27″ Freesync Gaming Monitor Under $200?

The Best 27' Freesync Gaming Monitor Under $200? Subscribe! Dell SE2717HR 27" Full HD Monitor @ Amazon Dell SE2717HR 27" Full HD...

Daybreak Has Always Been Owned by Eastasia

In a bit of a futile effort somebody at Daybreak Game Company is attempting to either edit history or cover up a serious mistake. That...

5 Really Cool Gaming Mice For Under $25 (August 2017)

Top 5 Gaming Mice Under $25.00 Check out the Corsair One Pro Gaming System Subscribe! EUASOO Z-7900 Mouse source

Detroit: Become Human will show off Amazon Alexa skills in upcoming demo

Sony has announced that it’s celebrating upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human, going gold by releasing a demo of the very first scene...

Gaming Laptop vs Super Low Graphics

So, this is "budget gaming laptop" with a gtx 1050 ti. How will it do with super low graphics? Time to find out! The...

Horror Title Releases Next Month – Agony – PC

Agony, an upcoming first-person horror game set in hell, is releasing next...

Meet SPARK, the $600 5.0ghz GAMING PC for Budget Enthusiasts!

Here is SPARK, the $600 Gaming PC designed for budget gaming enthusiasts. If you want to get those sky high clock speeds or have...

Battlefield V is Set in World War II, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year:...

2018's Battlefield title is not the rumoured Bad Company 3; will be announced soon and playable in June. source

Rising to the Occasion in Fade

Asher called it while we were still docked up long before the fight. Having suffered the humiliation of yet another defection which, among other loot,...

Logitech G613 | The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard Ever?

Check out the G613 here: Store:, Music: Game Deals: https://teksyndicate... source

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Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse & G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review!

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12 Months to Become a Web Developer?

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The FDA is cracking down on Juul e-cig sales to minors – TechCrunch

The FDA has its eye on Juul Labs, the e-cigarette company that has captured nearly half of the $2 billion e-cig market. Yesterday, the...