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ASUS MG279Q 144hz 1440p Budget Gaming Monitor – Unboxing and Review

On todays episode of JoesTech we are taking a look at the ASUS MG279Q. This monitor is a 2560x1440p 144hz gaming monitor. This is...

Best selling gaming mouse gets even better! – Logitech booth, CES 2016

What dark secrets live in the G502 Proteus Spectrum - find out in this video! Thanks to Squarespace for powering our coverage at CES...

The Man from Annuminas | The Ancient Gaming Noob

In preparation for the coming Mordor expansion, and specifically what plans our potential group should have come the launch, I have been back and...

Top 5 Gaming Laptops 2017 – $1000

Comparing the top 5 Affordable Gaming Laptops, Talking About Performance, What Upgrades to get ****Answering All Questions***** . source

Microsoft says it’s still working on that Halo TV series

Speculation around a TV spin-off for Halo, one of the most iconic gaming franchises of our time, has been swirling , but we've not...

Release Date, First Trailer For Ready Player One Film Revealed – News

This year's San Diego Comic-Con has given us our first look at...

The $174 Infinite Warfare, BF1, CS:GO EXTREME BUDGET GAMING PC

Look for a Cheap PC Here - *Get a Cheap NEW Computer With Windows 10 Here: & Add in a GTX 1050...

Producing Mechanical Parts | The Ancient Gaming Noob

I showed up late to the game with Planetary Interaction in EVE Online. Really late, as in early last year.  That is pretty late...

Twitch & YouTube Studio Tour! inc. Gaming PC, New Puppy & More || Valkia

As a heavily requested video, I've now done a studio/room tour where I do my live streams and record my ... source

World of Warcraft and StarCraft II soon won’t work with Windows XP or Vista

Earlier this year, Blizzard said it was going to cease supporting Windows XP and Vista across its library of contemporary games, and the...

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$30 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Any Good? CM Devastator II

Pricing and Availability. ♢Links Below♢ NCIX (CA) - NCIX (US) - AMAZON - Subscribe ... source

I HATE Web Development! Can I Still Be A Successful Programmer?

FREE COURSE - 7 Reasons You're Underpaid as a Software Developer John, I simply HATE web development! What should I do? In this...

Google rolls out its Trusted Contacts tracking feature to iOS

Google's new iOS app will make it easier for family members to keep track of each other.Image: google/mashable compositeBy Brett Williams2017-07-26 16:42:19 UTC Smartphones...