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Third Jurassic World Movie Releases June 2021 – News

A third Jurassic World movie has been confirmed by the official Twitter...

Unboxing! New ASUS ROG G752 gaming laptop with GeForce GTX 1070

It's a beauty! ASUS's new G752 gaming laptop boasts the new Intel Kabylake processor, a beautiful 120 Hz panel, and of course is run...

Trying Out the Guardians Gala Sites

The current Guardian’s Gala event in EVE Online is the sort of thing that makes me wonder what people really want out of such...

My First Gaming PC! (HP OMEN)

My First Gaming PC! (HP OMEN) Buy Everything Here! HP Omen Desktop: HP Omen G-Sync Monitor: HP Omen KeyBoard: HP Omen...

Gears of War 5: everything we know so far

Gears of War is one of the biggest series on Xbox, with the Lancer and its chainsaw bayonet being about as recognizable as Halo’s...

$500 Prebuilt Gaming PC – HP Pavilion Power 580-023w – GTX 1060

Is the HP Pavilion Power 580-023w Prebuilt Gaming PC the best for $500? Games tested PUBG, GTA 5, CSGO, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite,...

A Bad Show asks What is EVE Online

A Bad Show (For Bad People) explores the ins and outs of EVE Online. The presentation, done with dry sarcasm, is pretty spot...

First 45 Minutes Of Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay

Here is the beginning of Mass Effect Andromeda for your viewing pleasure, heads up there are spoilers here. Obviously. source

SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard Review Twitter: Twitter- ... source

The GammaNow app earns you rewards in Overwatch when you’re not using your processor

A new app is offering PC gamers the chance to put their CPU to good use when it would otherwise be idling, effectively selling...

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Soul Calibur VI release date, trailers, news and features

The imminent arrival of Soul Calibur VI feels a bit like the return of a long-lost old friend. By the time it comes out,...

Intel plans powerful 5G laptops for 2019 to take on Qualcomm’s always-connected PCs

Not to be outdone by Qualcomm on the always-connected PC front, Intel has revealed that it’s collaborating with leading PC manufacturers to bring its...

Multi-cloud management still a work in progress for IT teams

Organizations of all sizes rely on cloud services to support new initiatives, stay competitive and capture greater business value. Companies often depend on multiple...