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Best Gaming Monitor – 4K Ultra Wide

Is this the best gaming monitor? I take a look at the Asus PG348Q which is a 100hz Ultra Wide Monitor. Also the 180HZ...


Earthfall Read The Full Article Here

Null Sec – We Rat and We Mine Things

Null bears are everywhere! CCP released their monthly economic report for March 2017 on Friday with some new charts added and at least one old...

The TOP 6 Budget Gaming Mice for 2017!

Here are the TOP 6 budget oriented gaming mice for 2017! For once, these 6 cheap gaming mice are coming from my experience of...

Welcome to TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2017

It’s that time of year when TechRadar’s editors get to explore their love of PC gaming with fun, insightful and original interviews, previews, reviews...

Are Gaming Laptops worth it now? MSI GT73VR Titan!

Laptops are often the black sheep of the enthusiast community but what happens when you cram modern desktop components in to a laptop today?...

Ultra Cheap Gaming PC 2016 – Can you play games for under $400?

Can you build a PC for under $400 that can play games like Doom and CS:GO at decent FPS? Watch and find out! ○○○○○○...

SKT vs Longzhu Gaming Game 2 – LCK Week 9 Day 2 Spring 2017...

SKT vs Longzhu Gaming Game 2 - LCK Week 9 Day 2 Spring 2017 - SKT vs LZ G2 ☻All games spoiler free with...

The 10 best gaming keyboards of 2017

Update: Claiming the number 1 spot on our list in line with our buying guide ranking methodology, we've added the affordable and low-profile Logitech...

Can Mass Effect: Andromeda Be Fixed? – The Lobby

The Lobby crew discusses if BioWare improve Mass Effect Andromeda though either patches or DLC. Watch Awkward Flirting in Mass Effect: ... source

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Web design & web development – What’s the difference? | CharliMarieTV

There is often confusion around what exactly web design and development are and that they're two separate roles. Find out why in this video!...

Trump’s Plan to Screw Over National Monuments Is Mirrored By This Government Flickr Page 

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order that opened up a review of 25 national monuments, potentially setting the stage for Secretary of...