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ARK Survival Tek Tier Lets You Fly Like Iron Man and Introduces Infamous Sheep

Developers show off power armor, a T-Rex with friggin laser beams, boss battles, and more from the TEK Tier ARK Patch 254. Subscribe to...

Logitech G Pro Review – Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard Rainbow

The new Logitech G Pro mechanical TKL gaming keyboard is filling some gaps in their offering ▻Price US - ▻Price EU / DE...

Is This the Best 24″ Gaming Monitor?

Samsung CFG70 24" Quantum Dot FreeSync Monitor Review! Thanks to Braintree for supporting our channel. To learn more, go to ... source

Quote of the Day – The Optimism of Software Developers

Software developers at all levels tend to be optimistic – you have to be to build big things Chris Roberts, EuroGamer interview In my experience, developer...

Sea of Thieves trailer, release date, news and features

Update: Sea of Thieves wasn't always going to be a pirate-themed adventure. When we spoke to design director, Mike Chapmen, at a recent Xbox...


Server IP - ▽ CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY Connect With Me: ... source

My New Gaming Laptop! The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro

CHEAP GAME CODES: ▷ SIGN UP, PROFIT: I don't always game on a laptop, but when I ... source

$250 Budget Gaming PC – Deal Hunting Like a True NOAB (RX 460 +...

EDIT: This build was done prior to the new Kaby Lake Pentiums releasing. Since they have hyperthreading and are quite cheap grab those instead...

Pokemon Gold and Silver Available on 3DS Today

Meanwhile, on the retro-nostalgia front, Nintendo is bringing more old school Pokemon games to the 3DS today in the for of Pokemon Gold &...

FIFA 18 tips, tricks and what you need to know

Defending in FIFA has been much harsher on slide challenges in recent years and FIFA 18 is no exception. As satisfying as that crunching...

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Talking gaming and Scottish independence with voters in Dundee

The Scottish government is expected to win a vote calling for a second independence referendum, in the latest round of political gamesmanship between Nicola...

Styling a responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial

Webflow's navbar element is very flexible when it comes to styling. In this video, we're going to focus on five areas that give us...

Ace Attorney Investigations Launches On Mobile Devices – News

Capcom has released Ace Attorney Investigations on iOS and Android, finally completing...