The modern gaming industry is one of the fastest moving and most innovative ones. We bring you the latest news, releases and reviews of the best gaming hardware and software to hit the market. From VR headsets to ultra fast graphics, online games to first person shooters, TechnolAG is the go to place for today's savvy gamer.

SuperData and the Curious Case of the Missing WoW Money

SuperData Research released its 2017 report looking at how much money was spent on video games, sliced up into different segments.  You can download...

Best Nintendo Switch games 2018: the best games at home and on the go

It's not been on the market quite as long as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 but the Nintendo Switch certainly appears to be...

Ulas LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor – #Ulasan eps. 7 Monitor Gaming dengan refresh rate 144Hz dan beberapa fitur menarik lain nya, simak ulasan ... source

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Benchmarks Outlined – News

It's been over a year since Final Fantasy XV's release. Its continued,...

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse, 2000 DPI, 6 Button, Extra Weight

Viewer Request: Lets check out the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse, 2000 DPI, 6 Button, Extra Weight. source

Winter Movie League – A Fear of Hostiles

LET…US…NEVER…SPEAK…OF…IT…AGAIN. -Po Huit, TAGN FML Chatter Week nine of our Fantasy Movie League has passed, and it was a week of disappointment for many, some more...

Gaming Laptop für 200 Euro! – Nein!? Doch!

Günstige Laptops finden? Im Internet? Und ihr wollt damit zocken? Puh... Die Geek Freaks haben sich ins Zeug gelegt und für euch was ausgegraben!...

The Razer Seiren Elite is a professional-grade microphone for game streaming

Razer has unveiled its new USB microphone, the Razer Seiren Elite, which is aimed at giving live streamers and YouTube broadcasters professional-grade audio quality.It’s...

$300 Budget Gaming PC Challenge – Scrapyard Wars Episode 1a

Luke and I have a (seemingly) simple task - build the best possible gaming PC with only the cash in your pocket. Oh yeah,...

More Details Burn Brightly Surrounding Dark Souls: The Card Game – News

Steamforged Games found widespread success with Dark Souls: The Board Game, which...

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Battlefield V is Set in World War II, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year:...

2018's Battlefield title is not the rumoured Bad Company 3; will be announced soon and playable in June. source

The Complete HTML and CSS Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

The Complete HTML and CSS Web Design Tutorials for Beginners. HTML and CSS are the two most important languages for a new web developer...

Why Google needs to fix Android’s texting problem

Google finally has a plan to fix Android's texting problem. This week, the company confirmed its long-rumored plan to improve messaging on Android and bring...