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5 Minutes on Tech – Why Are Gaming Laptops Ugly?

Lisa Gade has noticed your comments over the months and years- why do gaming laptops look the way they do? In fact, some of...

Delve – Now With Contract Values

The Monthly Economic Report for March dropped on Friday and contains all the usual fun data to peruse.  This is the first MER since...

The $100 Gaming PC to Survive the Cryptomining Apocalypse!

Meet Freedom, the amazing $100 Gaming PC designed to survive the cryptocurrency mining apocalypse at a low budget cost of $100! YOUTUBE, Subscribe!

Best Music Mix 2016 | ♫ 1H Gaming Music ♫ | Dubstep, Electro House,...

Best Music Mix 2016 | ♫ 1H Gaming Music ♫ | Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap ♫ Support 1DoBrasil ♫ ○ ○ source

Street Fighter Board Game Mixes Punching, Kicking, Figures, And Cards – News

If you're a fan of Street Fighter's characters but would like to...

Five ID@Xbox games to look out for in 2018

Launched almost five year ago, not long after the Xbox One itself, Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program has proven to be a big success for the...

Loot Crates and Microtransactions Have Finally Gone Too Far – The Lobby

(Original Live Air Date 11 Oct. 2017) The crew discusses microtransactions and how a few recent game releases, including Shadow of War and the...

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review – GameSpot

In Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice,...

Rakk Mua Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The switches aren't the only thing semi-mechanical about this keyboard ;) Full disclosure: EasyPC did sent me this keyboard but my review is still...

Ultima Online Adds a Free to Play Option

In an item of note today, Ultima Online becomes the last of the “big three” MMORPGs from the late 90s to jump into the...

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Battlefield V is Set in World War II, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year:...

2018's Battlefield title is not the rumoured Bad Company 3; will be announced soon and playable in June. source

The Complete HTML and CSS Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

The Complete HTML and CSS Web Design Tutorials for Beginners. HTML and CSS are the two most important languages for a new web developer...

Why Google needs to fix Android’s texting problem

Google finally has a plan to fix Android's texting problem. This week, the company confirmed its long-rumored plan to improve messaging on Android and bring...