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Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Starts On January 24 – News

Microsoft have announced that the closed beta for Sea of Thieves on...

SKT vs LongZhu Gaming Highlights Game 1 – LCK W9D2 Spring 2017 SKT...

SKT vs LongZhu Gaming Highlights Game 1 - LCK W9D2 Spring 2017 SKT vs LZ G1 For the best betting odds on all Esports...

Tales of Berseria Review

Tales of Berseria doesn't reinvent the Tales series, but the characters and combat make for an engaging experience. Subscribe to GameSpot! source

Best Budget RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Best Budget Colorful RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse : Motospeed S69 Setup Review Buy Motospeed S69 Keyboard Mouse Combo ... source

A Return to Physical Netflix

For a while I had a post bubbling up in the back of my brain, a post about how, despite all the money I...

Curved Gaming Monitor – New Innovative Samsung CFG70 Feature Video

The 1st curved gaming monitor in the world! Discover the NEW innovative gaming monitor every gamer around the world has been waiting for –...

The best Pokemon games: ranking from Gold to Go

They may have been the originals, it’s difficult to call the generation I games the best. They’re the first Pokémon games we played,...

Here Are 2017’s Biggest Video Game News Stories – News

With the book now closed on 2017, it is hard to deny...

8-in-1 IQ Scale Bundle

8-in-1 IQ Scale Bundle Read The Full Article Here

Do you REALLY Need a Gaming Mouse?

A couple things I forgot to mention in the video: Gaming mouse usually have higher quality cords and USBs Usually comes with a better...

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1 Hour of PvP/Gaming Music – Rock

1. 0:00 - You're Going Down - Sick Puppies 2. 3:04 - To Be Loved - Papa Roach 3. 6:08 - Alone - Bullet...


Понравилось? Кликни для подписки: ➤ Страница в Вконтакте: ➤... source

Pokémon Quest Might Be On Mobile Next Week (Update: Confirmed June 27)

Update: The game has been confirmed for June 27, per the official Pokémon twitter account, on both iOS and Android. The original story is as follows: Pokémon...