The modern gaming industry is one of the fastest moving and most innovative ones. We bring you the latest news, releases and reviews of the best gaming hardware and software to hit the market. From VR headsets to ultra fast graphics, online games to first person shooters, TechnolAG is the go to place for today's savvy gamer.

Welcome Back To Ivalice – Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – PlayStation 4

Every numbered entry in the Final Fantasy series starts fresh with new...

Top 10 Best & Most Expensive YOUTUBER GAMING SETUPS

Top 10 Best, Most Expensive & Epic Gaming Setups of YouTubers Including Consoles, TVs, Computers, Room Tours & More! Ironside PC Giveaway: ... source

Quote of the Day – Cat Ears in Space

My ideal patch would be one where they fix vuln timers on citadels, heavily nerf or remove void bombs on citadels, make...

Dishonored 2 Review

Dishonored's brand of creative stealth-action mayhem returns with excellent new weapons, powers, and gameplay options that overshadow a few late-game ... source

Download of the day – Ryse: Son of Rome

GameSessions is a service that lets you try PC games free before deciding whether to buy them. Today, it launched GameSessions Giveaways – a...

Nintendo Shares Brief Footage Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC –...

Last week saw the release of Breath of the Wild's first batch...

Review: Razer Deathstalker Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

Get it here: Other places I hang out: FaceBook Fan Page: Twitter: Instagram: ... source

Monitor da gaming 144hz Curvo? Recensione Samsung C24FG70

Oggi vi porto la recensione del nuovo monitor proposto da Samsung dedicato al progaming, questo è infatti il primo monitor 144hz 1ms curvo C24FG70...

The Best Gaming Mice | 12 Days of Tech

1 Tech category each day for 12 days in a row. Welcome to the 12 days of Tech! In this episode, we focus on...

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M155 Gaming Monitor We Use On The Go! (Impressions)

Hey, everyone, we wanted to show what we use when we are gaming on the go! Thanks for checking out the video check out...

Materialize CSS Crash Course [Part 1]

In this video we will dive into Materialize CSS and create a cheat sheet with all of the main HTML/CSS components such as navbars,...

Trump struck net neutrality down — and kickstarted the movement that will save it

It's just over a month since the GOP-controlled Federal Communications Commission voted to gut its net neutrality rules. But if Donald Trump and his...