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Sega Teases New Valkyria Announcement – News

Sega, publisher of the Valkyria franchise, has opened a new site teasing...

Silent Descent

Silent Descent Read The Full Article Here

$30 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review (Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard...

1771 - Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Video Review The Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse is...

What it feels like to get a 144hz GAMING MONITOR

490 000 views :O :O woooow that's amazing, thank you everyone!!! Now only 10K to 500K ! Can we achieve it?! Parody of Logokas',...

2016 Top 5 Gaming Mouse performance, design, and convenientmaintenance've listed prepare for you the highest quality video. source

The Elemental Glades | The Ancient Gaming Noob

I’ve put off doing this post for a while… which probably just means I’ve forgotten more of the details over time… because the Elemental...

The $50 Budget “Gaming” Laptop

Laptops are always a popular choice when it comes to computing and if it was actually possible to buy a laptop that was just...

PUBG Developer Reveals New Project Ascent: Infinite Realm – News

Bluehole has a new game in the works, this time aimed at...

The best Xbox One X bundles and deals: where to buy the 4K Xbox

So you're looking for an Xbox One X bundle? Well the pre-order phase has ended, but there are still plenty of Xbox One deals...


Dreamstones Read The Full Article Here

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FIFA 18 Review

FIFA 18 improves on last year and presents the sport better than ever, but it's still lagging behind PES 2018 on the pitch. Read...

HTML/CSS Dersleri – Ders 21 – div etiketleri ve CSS’le şablon sayfası uygulaması

Video'da Harici CSS dosyası kullanımı / div etiketleri ve CSS'le şablon sayfası uygulaması anlatılmaktadır. Bu videoda oluşturulan uygulamalar için indirme linki source

Apple wins $539 million in damages in patent battle with Samsung

Apple's win over Samsung ends a seven-year clash.Image: Mashable/lili samsBy Johnny Lieu2018-05-25 01:38:03 UTC Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple Inc. $539 million...