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Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Five Video Game Moms – Features

It's Mother's Day, which means it's time to take your mom out...


OMG!!! THIS IS THE DREAM GAMING PC!! - I got a $5000 Gaming PC for my Ultimate Setup at my Dads in preparation for...

SKT vs Longzhu Gaming Game 1 – LCK Week 9 Day 2 Spring 2017...

SKT Telecom T1 vs Longzhu Gaming Game 1 - LCK Week 9 Day 2 Spring 2017 - SKT vs LZ G1 ☻All games spoiler...

NieR: Automata Review

Is NieR's latest entry worth your time or does it NieR-ly get by as passible? Find out in our GameSpot review! Read Miguel's in-depth...

NBA Playgrounds Review – GameSpot

NBA Playgrounds attempts to...

Astrahus Brawl in GE-8JV | The Ancient Gaming Noob

Monday night a ping went out from Asher Elias noting that he would be leading a fleet Tuesday evening.  I am always happy to...

XMIT Hall effect gaming keyboard review (Ace Pad Tech Hall effect)

Skip to 16:47 for a typing demonstration. Buy it here: Follow me on ... source

Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date, news and rumors

After the rather unceremonious leaking of what will probably be the title of the next Lara Croft outing on a Montreal subway train, speculation...

TOP 5: Best Gaming Monitor 2017

TOP 5: Best Gaming Monitor 2017 ▻Acer Predator XB271HU ☆US Prices - ☆UK Prices - ☆CA Prices ... source

New BioWare IP Delayed – News

Announced today on an Electronic Arts investor earnings call, BioWare's upcoming action...

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Summer Reruns – Online Gaming in the 80s

It officially turned Summer in the northern hemisphere yesterday, so I can legit post a Summer Reruns post. This time for a look way back...

‘Cheza’ Chromebook could be a Snapdragon 845 2-in-1 tablet

Snapdragon processors surprisingly came to Windows 10 laptops before Chromebooks despite the fact that the latter can now use Android apps, but there might...

Three ways to ensure app portability in a multi-cloud strategy

Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering. As...