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The new best mechanical gaming keyboard?!

I hate Cherry MX Speed switches. But the keyboard is nice! Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire - Dealhunter - Twitter ... source

Skullgirls Creators Announce Switch Release With New Trailer – Indivisible – Switch

Indivisible, a new RPG from Lab Zero (the developer behind Skullgirls), announced...

Monitor Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

What Monitor should you buy? In this buying guide I run you through everything you need to know about monitors from Gaming and Professional...

The Grind of Aslan | The Ancient Gaming Noob

As I moved into the next zone at level 20 the game wrapped up its attempts to introduce me to things and settled down...

The Craziest Gaming Mouse Ever? | 4K

This is a seriously cool gadget - The Awesome JamesDonkey 007 Gaming Mouse: ... source

Pokemon Magikarp Jump is the game I didn’t know I needed

Most video games suffer from high expectations. Massive build-ups, the weight of previous successful installments, fan's demands and realistically limited possibilities all come together...


Microcosm Read The Full Article Here

What’s the Best Gaming Laptop?

A look back at all the best Gaming Laptops ➜ Free Amazon Prime ➜ Links Here ▽ $350 Laptop - $550 Laptop...

Developer IllFonic Responds To Friday The 13th’s Rocky Launch, Addresses Issues – News

The asymmetric, multiplayer survival horror game Friday The 13th launched just a couple...

კუს ტბა VS Gaming Pc

გამოიწერე GamingPC ☆ ☆ გამოიწერე MikheilHD ☆ ☆ ჩემი ფეის გვერდი: https://www.f... source

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Budget Gaming Keyboard Roundup 2017 Razer vs Corsair vs Logitech vs Coolermaster

In this ultimate showdown of the top budget gaming keyboards we take a look at the positive and negatives of all four keyboards to...

The Difference between Web Designer & UI/UX Designer

In this video I explain the differences between a web designer and a UI/UX designer. source

Netflix is falling off a cliff – TechCrunch

Netflix didn’t add as many subscribers as expected by a bunch of people on Wall Street who, on a quarterly basis, govern whether or...