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Huge thanks to HP for making this happen. Good luck & enjoy! Enter the giveaway here: ▻▻▻ ... source

Corpses in New Eden | The Ancient Gaming Noob

If you don’t play EVE Online you might not even suspect that player corpses are a thing in the game. Technically the claim for many...

Redmi 4A Gaming Review The Budget Gaming Smartphone?

Redmi 4a gaming review this is a budget android smartphone and I play heavy games and also do temp check so that you can...

FIFA 18 release date, news and rumors

FIFA 18 is like to be one of the biggest selling games of 2017, with EA Sports’ franchise always likely to top the charts...

Persona 5 – GameSpot

More Persona 5 English Gameplay: Exploring Mementos, Meeting Confidants, and Tokyo Activities ...

Why video game cameras seem to always suck

Final Fantasy XV was in development for 10 years. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people across six different game development studios helped created it. Yet...

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Andromeda's combat soars but its storytelling sputters, making the series' first venture into uncharted space a shaky but occasionally satisfying new adventure. source

Youtube Video Takes Examines The Mindgames Of Taunting In Competitive Games – News

Taunting is probably the opposite of sportsmanlike behavior. But in recent months,...

The Best Gaming Keyboards | 12 Days of Tech

1 Tech category each day for 12 days in a row. Welcome to the 12 days of Tech! In this episode, we focus on...

TOP 5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

Checking out the Best Gaming Monitors under $200 for 2016. Get $40 off Kamigami Robots: Top 5 Monitors Under $150: ... source

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Best Gaming Mice Under $50 – Which Is The Best Budget Mouse?

Links to the gaming mice listed in this video: ▻ 5. Bloody P85 - ▻ 4. BLOODY T70 - ▻ 3. Razer...

Less CSS Pre-Processor Tutorial

In this video we will look at all of the basics and fundamentals of the Less CSS pre-processor/pre-compiler. Less gives you powerful features to...