The pace of change on the web today is mind boggling. new technologies are emerging almost every day and what used to work last week can get destroy your reputation, trust and your entire business today. It pays to keep ahead of the latest developments in web design, SEO and social media so make sure you check out our dedicated web section for all the buzz surrounding this exciting industry.


HTML5/CSS3 Flat Responsive Website – Start To Finish Web Design Tutorial

STARTER FILES: https://goo.gl/Qhp3FV ➢ PURCHASE TEMPLATE: https://goo.gl/0bLe7b ➢ SUSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/Y2rJSj ➢ SURVEY: ... source

This technicolor typeface honors the creator of the LGBTQ pride flag

Rainbows have become synonymous with LGBTQ pride and identity around the globe, thanks to artist and activist Gilbert Baker. He created the rainbow flag...

Where to Start When Learning Web Development

I was recently asked: "can you guide me on what to do first? I'm a complete beginner at web development". Here's my answer. Enroll...

Best WordPress Themes for Directories and Listings

Step up your game on the directory and listing web design scene with these stunning WordPress theme tailored to...


Subscribe to Sub Pop's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/subpoprecords CSS YouTube Playlist ... source

Fresh Resource for Web Developers – April 2017

Since the beginning of the year 2017, a lot has changed in the world of web development, with new apps and resources coming every...

This coding startup trains autistic people to take on the tech industry

People on the autism spectrum are getting the support and skills they need to break into the tech industry. And it's all thanks to...

Learn Web Design: Simpler is Better

The second post in a series on Creative Market (http://crt.mk/47Lt302pmOB) all about learning core design principles. In this video, we'll take a look at...

Marvel (quietly) at the top eight most beautifully designed libraries

The stunning East Boston Branch Library.Image: robert benson photographyBy Johnny Lieu2017-04-19 04:10:02 UTC A good book and a beautiful library certainly sounds like a...

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