The pace of change on the web today is mind boggling. new technologies are emerging almost every day and what used to work last week can get destroy your reputation, trust and your entire business today. It pays to keep ahead of the latest developments in web design, SEO and social media so make sure you check out our dedicated web section for all the buzz surrounding this exciting industry.

Trump’s New Head of Border Patrol Might Want to Delete This Tweet 

US Custom and Border Protection’s new chief of Border Patrol, Ron Vietello (left) and a tweet he sent out in March of 2016 (right) This...

The ultimate app guide to Super Bowl Sunday

Image: RONALD MARTINEZ/GETTY IMAGESBy Anisa Purbasari and Freia Lobo 2017-02-04 02:37:11 UTC It's that time of year again — when sports bars hit full...

IMDB Kills Its Message Boards and Nothing of Value Was Lost

Screenshot: IMDB Whether you’re trying to remember the name of that guy from the thing, or just contrasting a score against Rotten Tomatoes’s to see...

So how many customers actually deleted their Uber accounts?

The movement became a major trend over the weekend after President Donald Trump's travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries caused chaos...

Snap paid $114.5M to acquire Vurb and gives acquisition details for Bitstrips and Looksery

 Now that Snap is revealing its financial guts to the world in its filing for its initial public offering, we’re getting a small glimpse...

Snapchat growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched

Snapchat was flying high in early 2016, but the launch of direct competitor Instagram Stories coincided with a massive...

This app uses spectral analysis to analyze objects and their makeup

Normally, if the creators of an app claimed that it could look inside things and tell you their constituent...

The Complete Font Lover’s Library – 99% Off

Posted on 01'17 Feb Posted on...

The Best One-Page Responsive WordPress Themes

Whether you are too busy with your business that it becomes daunting to handle a full blown multi-page website or you wish to showcase...

Researchers create a wireless hydration sensor that tracks how thirsty you are

A wearable wireless hydration sensor from North Carolina State University will be able to tell how thirsty you are...

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