Choosing a Gaming Monitor – Is Refresh Rate Everything?


This video will explain other monitor specs you should look at before buying a gaming monitor. Not all high refresh rate monitors are created equal, and some …



  1. If I am using a 1ms GTG with 4ms BTW TN panel at 60hz refresh. Would a IPS that is doing 4ms GTG with 8ms BTW running at 144hz bother me? I have never used 144hz before, and was looking at a newer freesync version of that PIxio 227 st 1440p to replace my Asus 25in 1080p display that has issues blinking on and off while cold.

  2. Would you recommend Gsync for a GTX 1060 3G? I can see GSync being fully used if I had a 1070 or a 1080, but I am wondering if I will reap hte advantages of Gsync with my GTX 1060. Good review, man.

  3. I am getting a 1080 card and I also need a new monitor. G-sync looks a bit to expensive at this moment, so I was thinking I could buy 120 or 144 Hz monitor. Based on my card, what is the difference between G-sync and 120/144 Hz monitor without g-sync?
    I am fine with either 1080 or 1440 resolutions.

  4. Answer: yes, but only if you get the same FPS as Hz @ the monitor's resolution. The monitors will probably have a few lower Hz to choose from, though, if you install monitor drivers. Including the dreaded 60 Hz. You will notice the quality difference @ 85 Hz, and from there it gets better to about 120 and beyond that you can't tell the difference. Usually, high Hz go with low response times, but if the monitor has a higher response time than 5ms, you will see no benefits over 60 Hz.

    Another reason to want really high Hz, like 165-240Hz, is monitors supporting Black Frame Insertion. This will finally replace all the unsuccessful attempts at blur reduction and give crystal clear movement, like it should be. You can do this now, the trade-off is a very dark picture. So the next step are 165-240Hz monitors that have high enough light emission (nits) to compensate for this. If you have heard of one that does this, I would like to know 🙂

  5. Color production really isn't as bad on a (quality/expensive) TN as most guides/youtubers will tell you. And the better colors on a IPS gets kinda ruïned with backlight glow, which A LOT of IPS have.

  6. If G-Sync is good only when it goes under 60 Hz then why is it that it's only available with 144 Hz and 165 Hz panels?
    What's the point?
    If you get a 1440 165 Hz IPS panel you will need a 1080 or better to make it work.
    So you won't need G-Sync really?

  7. so example: this is VA monitor, it has high refresh rate… and im playing a game called
    "Geometry Dash" and i'm playing someone's level name UltraSatanicCirclesA
    Ok so i've found that the level has around 400K objects so does the monitor lag?
    Y/N I'm waiting for your answer 😐

  8. While I feel like you did a good job breaking down some of the differences, I feel like you didn't give VA panels nearly enough credit than they deserve. VA panels have slightly worse response times than IPS as well as color accuracy generally. However, their contrast ratios are always significantly higher. TN and IPS range between 800-1000:1, while VA panels range from 2800-5000:1. This results in significantly better image quality which is why they are used on all high end TVs and only outperformed by OLED and plasma. Slightly reduced viewing angles and color accuracy do not compare to vastly superior contrast ratios that make the image significantly more life-like. Also, VA panels don't have IPS glow, which to me completely ruins the image and becomes so bad at any angle, that the increased viewing angles on IPS become completely pointless. If you aren't a competitive gamer that requires the 144hz 1m response time of TN, or need print perfect color accuracy of IPS, VA is the best picture quality you can get besides OLED or plasma. As someone who has had a plasmascreen in the past and now OLED attached to my gaming PC, I can go back to VA without issue. IPS on the other hand just can't compete and looks washed out in comparison. Just my take on the situation since I've had pretty much every panel type out there.

  9. I wana get a monitor for my xbox one playing black ops 3- the new COd FPS , any suggestions on what I should get? I'm new to getting a monitor so any help would be appreciated !

  10. I don't play CSGO Or anything just the casual battlefield 4 and GTA5, Crysis3 and Fallout 4, what should i get? I Like IPS but is he issues with ghosting at 5ms vs 1ms bad? Im talking about response time, apparently there is ghosting at 5ms

  11. @ThioJoeTech U are really good explaining, but i think u need not only videorecord your face but film what are u talking about so the video doesnt go bored of watching. Sorry my english, a like and a sub. =D