Civilization VI Review


The series that cemented the 4X strategy formula continues to stand the test of time with a stellar entry that adds richness and depth in expected places.



  1. The graphics are very dated, also I do not like the semi comical blobby style. Also the units and combat seem to look ridiculous. I hope in the future a more serious look will come.

  2. This review glossed over just how bad the AI is in this title. Wish I'd known how broken the game was before buying it.

    Perhaps next time you guys should make sure you give complete overviews of the game.

  3. So far I find it cluttered and too different plus it reminds me of the free Linux Civ game. Plus on Steam I can't run anything else on the computer until I exit. I am not a gamer. Though I played Civ 2 at the deity level with success at times. So maybe I was a gamer. So far I'll rate it on par with free Linux game due to the clutter and learning curve so a 3 out of 10.

  4. Have played Civ since the beginning, but I honestly gave up after Civ IV. I still feel that Civ III Conquests was the pinnacle of the series and that since then, most of the improvements have been in the form of graphics, sound, user-interface and animations. The computer opponents are not any better, the game play is not any better, the strategic depth is not any better, and the user-configurability is not any better.

    I waited about a year or more, until the price had halved to get Civ 5. I played it 30 or 40 hours, and realized it just wasn't as good as Civ 4, which in itself was only a partial improvement on Civ 3. Civ 3 and even 4 to some extent were some of the most amazing gaming I've ever experienced. For years at a stretch, the ONLY games I played. But Civ 5 just didn't do it for me. It felt childish and shallow.

    Based on your overview, I'm not seeing much that tells me Civ 6 is any different. So I reckon I'll follow the same path: wait till the price drops substantially, buy it, try it, and pretty quickly set it down.

  5. I love me some Civ, but it seems like every game eventually hits a point where you're just clicking "End Turn" over and over again. It sounds like Civ 6 may have mitigated that to some extent, which is nice.

  6. If there are any new players to the series that are interested yet taken back because it may seem complicated…I did a very simple review of the game on my channel that anyone can follow. Check it out it's helped others maybe you too

  7. this game is a HUGE dissapointment. i loved civ 5, played it countless hour. so when civ 6 came out i bought it straight away.

    in a nutshell: if you love civ 5 and are hoping for more of the same you shouldnt buy civ 6. graphics are a joke, workers can only build 2 improvements, general layout is shit. gameplay sucks.

    why would they make such drastic changes ? i gave it a go for 15h, thinking i'd just have to get used to it, but i dont. went back to playing civ 5.

    a huge waist of money this game

  8. im a casual gamer that play csgo,overwatch,rise of the tomb raider,uncharted to name a few,am i too late to learn a game like this? the micro managing scares me but yet intriguing…

  9. the art work is terrible the map looks terrible I cant even make out what the buildings are supposed to be and  cant tell if I explored a piece of the map before…even civ iv looked nicer