CSS Auto Adjusting Stretch Fit Web Site Layout Tutorial HTML5 Template


Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/CSS/Auto-Adjusting-Stretch-Fit-Website-Layout-Tutorial Learn to code auto adjusting stretch fit web site layouts. You can use all of the space in…



  1. Thanks for the video. Your presentation is fabulous. One question. I imagine the #middle #top #bottom are all in your CSS correct? If so, what does it look like? I am still new at CSS but my html is fair. I used to write it a long time ago to make all of my web pages used Hot Dog and notepad in the 90's) until FrontPage came out. Now I am using Expression Web 4.

  2. Hi Adam. Nice video – really well explained. If your original images had different aspect ratios and sizes, but you still want to maintain the uniform display which scales. Any idea how to go about that?

  3. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the excellent tutorial; I tried the mentioned steps they worked prefectly but as soon as I convert the example image into a link button the auto adjusting nature of the image is gone.
    Can you please suggest a work around as I wish to use a png file as a button with auto adjusting stretch fit.

  4. Hello. you have great tutorials. But i still havent't figured out how to build a website just like this (avaduvernay [dot] com/) where the images become vertical and not disappear as the window shrink.