CSS3 Tutorial


Get the Transcription : http://goo.gl/1IuA2R Wiki Colors : http://goo.gl/uoGQNt CSS Validator : http://goo.gl/qWQV0f Best CSS3 Book : http://goo.gl/8KjgNG …



  1. One of the best… most informative… and most straight to the point videos I've watched yet in regards to programming in ANY language on YouTube! Fantastic job! Thank you for doing this!

  2. I guess this is NOT a tutorial but a review of what YOU know. Tutorials TEACH — You – from start to finish rambled through the information as if everyone already knows what you are talking about and therefore you just review over but TEACH *NOTHING*

  3. Wow ! I did need something like this – I'm no newbie, but I needed to understand d3 and svg and realised I first needed to understand css.. This did it. The speed of delivery reminds me of a Mary Meeker pressie on Internet trends

  4. You are a genius and your delivery is impeccable and concise. This is exactly the type of video I was searching and I look forward to watching the rest of your videos. Thank you so much. I just became a patron and think it's the deal of the century. I hope you get enough support to do this full time!

  5. I absolutely love the video Derek, glad that I've come across your channel at the very beginning of my journey with web design, thanks to that I've barely had any problems understanding the code so far, which is quite impressive considering the fact that my experience wasn’t really that notably rich before I started. However, I’ve got a question regarding the use of classes and IDs – you seem to use them a lot, and therefore I’d like to ask if it’s considered a good habit to target HTML elements in exactly that way instead of using more advanced CSS selectors, once again thanks for the tutorial!

  6. ive tried cursor: url(mycursor.cur) and I have my custom cursor in the root directory of my html folder, and the custom cursor property just DOES NOT WORK? How do i use custom cursors? What am i doing wrong???