Dead Rising 4 Review


When it comes to saving the day and bringing the zombie smack down does Frank West still have what it takes or should he just go back to covering wars?



  1. This was such a cash grab. Just riding the waves off the first 2. 3 was okay, 4 is just awful. Completely Boring game, and yes there are a lot of zombies on screen at once with no frame drops, obviously. Look at them all the zombies look the same, just a trick to make it seem like they didn't have the same issues as dead Rising 3. So dissapointed.

  2. Had high hopes for this game but it's just rehashed DR3 with the original protagonist. To some that is worth the price of admission but having been burned so bad with DR3, I'll sit this one out. I still play the original which still stands as the best one in the series, imo.

  3. I am a bit disappointed with the last two games taking away the element of time constraint. I felt like that was the identity of the series in terms of how it was played. The mindless zombie slaughter is so awesome, love the combat from the last 2 games, but I feel the story in DR3 was absolute rubbish and (having yet to play DR4), it looks like this game has even stripped away any challenge at all!

  4. why the hell did they remove the co op campaign in favour of a generic set of co op missions. da fuck capcom? the co op was awesome in dead rising 3 why remove it? and why remove the time limit? i guess there are people who dont like the time limit but there should be an option to turn it off or on.

  5. I have a PS4, but just picked up an Xbox One..Never played a Dead Rising game..that being said, would I enjoy this? Looking for decent exclusives otherwise I grab em for the PS.

  6. did u notice all exclusive from microsoft get low score from GameSpot

    Deadrising 4 – 7
    halo wars 2 – 6
    Quantum Break – 6
    recore – 6
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection – 6
    Dead Rising 3 – 7
    Gears of Wars 4 – 7

    is not a bit strange ?

  7. Playing this game for the second time. I had to quit because the game's sound completely crapped out on me. Bit by bit, the sound just… went away. Can some-fucking-body tell me when the last time they played a with this many mother-fucking problems and glitches. Visually and audibly. Clearly, Capcom has given all of their money to Marvel.

  8. Did this papsmear NOT play DR3? He like has a boner You can craft combo weapons on the fly, without a workbench, like you had to in DR2 as if its a new friggin feature. This was implemented in DR 3.

  9. Glad they ditched the timer, never made sense to me they created this awesome world filled with tons and tons of stuff to look at & collect yet they force you to finish within a time limit. Maybe add a separate mod that puts the timer back in but it shouldn't be mandatory.

  10. So only .5% of zombies are "mildy more challenging" than the normal droves of undead? And maniacs are just psychopaths with less back story/personality? And its all so easy that on a second play through you are basically invincible? And they removed the timer to avoid stressing players out? Sounds riveting.

  11. I'm guessing dead rising 3 is better? Also I hadn't played any of the dead rising on the new consoles so I feel like I would like this game because I hadn't played it in awhile but I heard that it's not that challenging and that's disappointing because I remember dying a good amount of time on DR2: Off the record