Dragon Ball FighterZ Review


Will Dragon Ball FighterZ meet the expectations of anime and fighting game fans? Will the multiplayer servers hold up after launch? Find out next time when GameSpot puts together it’s final…



  1. Am I the only one who enjoys the small character list and the lack of costumes? The small list allows an easier balance towards characters, having all characters in dragon Ball ever made is to overwhelming, and guys cmon, are you really picking on a game for lack of character costumes? Does that really ruin the game just because your character can’t look fancy?

  2. Amazing game. Nothing to say about the roster except for missing Gogeta.
    However I wish there were alternate outfits. For instance, Vegeta without his armor (Buu Arc look) or with traditional Saiyan armor (Saiyan arc) and scouter.

  3. This game is the best but even I can tell that this game isn’t casual friendly, unless you’re really good there’s almost no way to get in and rush your opponent. Plus the flying rush thing is super punishable and predictable so yeah casuals are gonna have a real hard time.

  4. I bought a DBZ game once…It was called DBZ Ultimate Battle 22. It cost $15.00 and within 5 minutes of playing, I knew that I had wasted my money. This game looks amazing though.

  5. I played the beta and it was awesome. Definitely going to get this game since I'm an longtime Dragon Ball fan from the late 90's. I should point out that I'm an huge fighting game fan.

  6. I love the game but I'm not gonna act like it dosent have problems like most of you cause everybody been so horny for a good dbz game for so long. First off I hate the small ass character list, it's such bullshit and I know they gonna try to milk everybody money by making you pay for bullshit dlc characters that we already have had in other games, like brolly and cooler and dum ass fans are gonna pay for it too and I appreciate the storyline cause it's not the same old story that we all know but at the same time it's a lazy story and half way done also i did used to love transforming in a game, i think its lazy that you just pick at fighter as is, i used to love picking goku, vegeta etc and transforming to whatever form i wanted and using those unique moves, especially goku transforming from kao ken to all the way to blue now but, overall I love the fighting and marvel vs Capcom style cause that's my favorite fighting game so I would give the game 8/10 still…..maybe 7.5/10 though.

  7. My only concern is that online matches lose connection alot , and Running around Avatar thing is unnecessary …Cut that part out . Simple online battle without all the Crazy features 💯

  8. I would love that instead of characters already transformed, just have the base characters and you can transform in game (without being more op because I know this is all about the balance) but transforming is like changing characters and the moveset changes. That’s the main thing that made every DBZ game feel so good. And no different outfits? Common! Otherwise the game is great.

  9. In all honesty, I would have rather wasted my money on another marvel vs capcom game. I see how this is trying to trend with the whole “street fighter/tekken championship stick gripping button mashing tournament play style” but whatever, it’s not like we’re ever going to see the budokai 2 mechanics or budokai 3 red ribbon army tournament anymore