GameSpot’s Best of 2017 #2: Persona 5


Mixing social commentary and ridiculously stylish visuals, Persona 5 is a massive and satisfying RPG that sticks with you long after you wrap its 100-hour campaign. For a more insight and a…



  1. I was in the middle of playing breath of the wild and bought persona 5 because it was on sale on psn. Lets just say I have beaten persona 5 and the ng+, got the platinum trophy yesterday. I haven't played breath of the wild since but I will continue to play it today. Just by my experience, persona 5 should be number 1 and shouldve won goty. I gotta finish botw first though before I could give my final verdict.

  2. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. So I'm browsing this video to see if they touch on any of the stuff I loved about this game, and then realize that the only reason I was able to beat the final boss(the last couple of hours leading up to the finale of the game were hectic for me; I wanted to see what would happen next but I was super busy so I didn't grind as much as I should have) was because I had the Hifumi Confidant ability to switch party members. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT CAME FROM HER I MUST HAVE MISSED IT. But literally, since I didn't know what was coming in the final dungeon, I figured I'd be cool with just exploiting weaknesses and the like. So I struggled through all the archangels and then finally got to the final boss only to realize I had no heals or buff items AT ALL. And then, after dying several times, I realized I could switch party members(which I previously had no idea I could do at all) and so, through switching out party members, I was FINALLY able to beat the final boss, and goddamn, I almost want to love Hifumi forever now that I've realized this thanks to some stupid Gamespot game of the year countdown. Like wow. Even when I used the ability I thought I was just really stupid and hadn't realized that I could do it all along throughout the entire game lol

  3. This may not have gotten #1 but I’m glad it got #2 because it really addresses serious issues and the visuals are beautiful and sure the localization isn’t the best and it has its mistakes but at least all the characters don’t talk the same. Also congrats to Botw I cant personally play it myself but I’ve seen a couple clips and the game looks beautifully well done!

  4. Hot Topic is now selling Persona 5 T-Shirts. Gotta buy them at the mall. Since i bought a brand new looking Persona 5 T-Shirt many months ago off of Amazon. And it looked brand new online. And it came in old and faded out looking. Good thing Hot Topic knows that Persona is one of the best Animes. And now sells it there. Heck hoping that they continue to milk Persona 5 as much as they did Persona 4. Cause it's just that good. One of my top favorite Anime series of all time.

  5. I'm glad that Persona 5 got the recognition it deserved this year, Atlus really worked hard and it payed off. Botw did win game of the year but it's Zelda, goty is a popularity contest. I am just glad that persona as a series got to be up there with some of the greats of the year and actually win rpg of the year.

  6. Zelda is great and all, but the weak narrative and repetitive nature within it's shrines and forgettable divine beast segments drag it down for me. P5 is clearly the best game this year and the only reason why it lost the title was because it doesn't have the name recognition of Mario/Zelda, or the notoriety pubg obtained through twitch.

  7. Like, I really can't put this at my goty after what they did immediately after it's amazing opening…

    It's still like, in my top 5, but… C'mon, bruh… Why you gotta trivialize yoself so quickly?

    It was just lucky that it's game design was impeccable, with a good touch on difficulty on all aspects + some really good main characters… Just, bro… Why the immediate anime tropes that go against these characters' personalities…

    Yes, my favorite game of this year is Nier Automata… It just… Hurts… Persona 5 hurts only when you play it (in a good way, their time management systems are soooo incredibly done that it felt like I had to play or else), Nier Automata makes me tear up just walking down a street… Honestly, I felt like the small decisions I make in Nier just, feel better, like they are my own choices, than a game who's crux is, well, being able to decide things for yourself… Because the choices in Nier Automata aren't in your face what is something you can or can't do, because those options are present. Persona 5, there's a lot of choice, though maybe that's the thing about persona 5… Choice is so huge a thing in that game that you're kinda devoided of choice until you ____________
    Again, I like persona 5, just, in terms of what said game does, as it being more a meta narrative, as well as fast, twitchy, and lambastic gameplay that, persona 5 could have handled a little better if after that amazing first palace, they didn't 360 key characters and make it feel like "did they just forget what just happened?"

  8. This game isn't even in the top 10 let alone top 2. I loved Persona 4 and its characters but I know it wasn't top game material, and same for Persona 5. A lackluster story that was nothing more then a bunch of mini stories bunched together, Boring or dull characters that were nothing more then cheap rip offs from Persona 4, a battle system that is nothing more then an upgraded version of Persona 4s and voice acting that didn't excite emotion. Besides the good music this game shouldn't have taken this long to make, in fact this was the most disappointing JRPG of the year after seeing how Xenoblade 2 showed how to do a true sequal.

  9. Clearly this should be GOTY story wise this dominates over Zelda, sure Zelda has open world but lacks story, and the DLC disappointed me, however I guess that spot Zelda got is to be expected, having a larger fanbase, despite how much I love BOTW, persona 5 has so much style, snazzy aura, soundtrack, and strong story telling meanwhile BOTW is pretty, and fun, it's lacking the strong story I so desired. I think us valuing a stronger story in games is what makes us think this should have been number one while BOTW is praised for being just a Zelda game, although it's a fun game don't get me wrong. But a good story is the most important factor to me