Gaming Monitor VS TV | Why I Switched


The Battle is on in comparing the pro’s and con’s of having a TV or Gaming Monitor for your console or PC gaming. The lowest input lag TV of 2016 came in at 13ms input lag sporting 4k resolution…



  1. I must say that, sitting on a sofa with a big 4k tv with hdr and 5.1 give a much better cinematic gaming experience than a monitor will ever do, and I still prefer this over pc gaming. Experience a game -> tv, very serious comptetive gaming/work (ikaruga) -> monitor. But yes, this video is clearly for people that want to go competitve so:P

  2. There is a difference in response time and inputlag. We also have wireless controller latency and our own reaction speed. 95% of the people don't know shit about latency! To be honest, I find that the difference between a monitor and a low input tv are negligible in most modern games. I have a: monitor of 1ms with a respone of 10-15, a 4ktv of 3ms with a response time of around 30ms and old crt tv with 0ms and I only feel it with old school games because those games don't use any effects and random stuff. I once heard that guitar hero had a response time meter or something that cleans up most of the latency, would be cool if more singleplayer games implemented that. My conclusion, if you have some very old HDTVS yeah than that's a problem, but most of the time it's in your head.

  3. I have a benq 144hz 1ms, when i play fortnite on ps4 with mouse and keyboard there is input lag, way different to pc gaming with mouse and keyboard… Why is this?

  4. Input lag and response time. I notice people keep mentioning those terms. These are variables that can easily be bypassed. I plug my 1080Ti SLI setup into the living room TV sometimes and I can game 4K @ 60hz with all the settings cranked on a giant display, its a nice change every once in awhile and nobody is doing much more than 60hz@4k with the settings cranked atm anyways. Granted my monitor is a lot nicer, but some of you people are shitting on TV's way too much, and if you can't even afford or own the gear to test out anyways, then shut the fuck up. With HDMI 2.1 coming out which will be able to do 4k@120hz along with Nvidias 2000 series cards coming out soon, I'm sure some nice TV's will look very nice with a PC plugged into it.

  5. Too be honest I rather have colour acuracy over the over saturated colours sure peaple can bitch saying man your games look ugly well atleast I am playing what the devs wanted it to be LMAO

  6. You didn't understand how this works, that monitor can switch from white to black in 1ms, the input lag, that recieving and displaying of the signal is much higher, this monitos has 10ms of input lag