Gaming on a $4300 MacBook Pro


I Paid $4300 For This Steaming Pile of AMD Pro 460. How a FULLY LOADED 2016 MacBook Pro Handles Gaming. Apple’s $300 Book: …



  1. Not making excuses but.. he could've gotten the same performance at about $2000 less. Adding a ton of RAM (from Apple which only an idiot would do) and more storage doesn't really do anything for gaming, but sure it bumps up the price. I guess he could also have bought Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X for another $500 and it would've been a $4800 laptop instead 🙂

  2. I hate these people that are like "this thing runs horribly why do people waste their money on this". This is not meant for your gaming. It's meant for professional stuff like graphic design, programming, etc.

  3. see I will never understand why the fuck apple is so fucking expensive for something so damn shitty.  it's almost depressing that people will actually buy these pieces of shit.  It just hurts the inside.  Good video earned my sub

  4. For that money you can build a PC thats at least 20 times faster than that shit…I really dont know why people buy this crap, i mean if you are rich you dont need to be stupid as well…

  5. It's not for games idiot >_< that's why it don't run games for a reason because it's a fucking mac book oh my days people review these laptops thinking it's for gaming it's not idiots -_-